StreetPin, your digital community in Croydon

By - Monday 21st October, 2013

StreetPin, your digital community

StreetPin, your digital community

So, what’s StreetPin?

Here at StreetPin, we believe there is a localised solution to the decline of the High Street – the pin board or notice board, where announcements, offers and events are displayed at the appropriate location, and all neighbouring communities can dip in and out of each others’ conversations and events. Each ‘pin board’ also enables business owners and customers new and old, to actually interact with those sharing an atmosphere or location. StreetPin brings the local pin board into the digital age.

Each pin board provides an instant, interactive, branded presence on app, web and mobile. These provide a simple, effective way to interact with those sharing a common environment: “Join our quiz team”, “Anyone want to start a 5-a-side league in this park?”, “The exhibition here is great – I’m looking to meet other artists in the area, fancy a coffee?”, “Where are the best toilets at this festival?” We offer the ultimate in ‘second screening’ for the real world.

Where are we now?

We are in ‘beta’ or trial stage, and have proven our pin boards for a wide range of organisations, services, retailers and businesses that want to engage with those here and now. We’ve been working with bar chains, managed apartments, churches, colleges etc, but we feel that it is necessary to concentrate on the High Street to prove how we can impact social change in a positive way.

We will also aggregate deals from the butchers, the clothes shop, the newsagent and the restaurant to provide not only individual, specialised pin boards but one central High Street hub which shoppers in the area can check or receive notifications for deals near them. With the steady decline of the High Street due partly to digital solutions, StreetPin aims to fight with fire. eMarketer estimates a $3bn increase in mobile advertising in 2013 – StreetPin brings mobile marketing to the masses.

StreetPin currently offer a ‘working demonstration’ on iOS and mobile web and are in the investment arena in order to deliver the full launch version. We are presenting at Tech City Croydon on 24th October and it would be great to hear your views. Otherwise, please contact with any feedback or questions – we’d love to hear from you.

Tim Buick

Tim Buick

Tim is an innovator and creative in the digital arena with 13 years+ web experience, and a background firmly within the creative, full-cycle build and delivery of online/mobile projects.

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