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By - Tuesday 18th February, 2014

Tech-newbie Rebecca Rees describes her initiation into the world of #Croydon #TechCity via local software testing company, MagenTys

This month I celebrated my three month-iversary at MagenTys.

Before coming in I thought cucumber was just the salad I picked out of my sandwich. Looking back now I see how easily you can take the process of testing for granted.

In fact, until my introduction to MagenTys I was under the misapprehension that apps and websites were created as perfect user-friendly software. Now I have a full appreciation for the testing involved every time I sample a successful surf of the web or make an online purchase.

For me, a well-tested website is the difference between spending more than you dared on an eCommerce site and throwing your laptop across the room.

Our hard work is continuously recognised and I would definitely describe it as a ‘work hard, play hard’ environment, which may be generic but true nonetheless.

Everybody who works here has the same effortlessly ‘cool’ disposition, which I could not have imagined given the sheer complexity that comes across in coding and testing.

The testers seem completely immersed in projects whilst bantering about football and sharing amusing anecdotes.

The atmosphere in the Croydon office is its own oxymoron – because it is a very fast paced, laid-back environment. Some days are calm, others are boisterous (or perhaps that should be boy-sterous considering the 20:1 ratio of male to females.)

#Croydon #TechCity proves that unity and motivation are incredibly powerful things and I look forward to finding out even more about it each month

For example, we have nerf guns in the office. This is yet another thing I have been introduced to while working here, and frankly when the guns are out it is every man for himself. Sometimes, though, everyone just harmoniously listens to an eclectic playlist.

But more important than the nerf guns and the beer fridge is the integrity. MagenTys has an honest reputation and it shows in every aspect of the business.

‘Large enough to deliver, small enough to care’ is our commonly used MagenTys saying and it couldn’t be more true.

Working for a company that is based in Croydon has also been an eye-opening experience. Learning all about the Croydon Tech City movement has been particularly exciting. It proves that unity and motivation are incredibly powerful things and I look forward to finding out even more about it each month. There is always a lively atmosphere at each event and everyone is so keen to interact and network. The vastness of energy and passion you see, perhaps for a new idea or an eagerness to share expertise is overwhelming.

So it seems I still have plenty to learn, and many a tumbleweed to breeze past my brain as I hear more and more ‘tech-talk’ that sounds like salad garnishes.

The next #Croydon #TechCity event takes place on Thursday 20th February. To attend, please sign up as ‘attending’ here or  to confirm your attendance.

Rebecca Rees

Rebecca Rees

Rebecca works for the Croydon based software testing company MagenTys doing PR and Marketing. Recently graduating from Goldsmiths College, UoL with a Media & Comms degree, she's new to the Croydon area and all things 'tech'.

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