Thursday 17th November 7pm: Support Croydon’s BME businesses, find a job, and more at #Croydon #TechCity

By - Friday 11th November, 2016

Unveiling the #Croydon #TechCity stars putting local BME business on the map

Croydon Tech City.
Photo by Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

Croydon Tech City is back with its monthly evening of tech demos, talks, and shenanigans, as we continue to make Croydon a credible player in the European startup scene.

To attend this month’s event at Sussex Innovation Centre Croydon, please register here.

Steve Bardouille, Founder of Famberry

Bringing genealogies into the digital age

Famberry is a private family social network desgined to allow you and your family to create and build your family tree together, post photos, messages and record special achievements.

More than 48% of the people who leave Facebook do so because of privacy concerns. Famberry has been created as an alternative for parents with young children, keen to keep photos and family news within a smaller network. Several Croydon schools, including Royal Russell, are currently trialling the software as an opportunity for pupils to build personal genealogies.

Vinoth Thiyagarajan, Founder of SpiceMint 

The mobile marketplace for ethnic minority businesses in Croydon

Vinoth Thiyagarajan, Founder of SpiceMint.
Photo by Vinoth Thiyagarajan, used with permission.

Purchasing Asian and Afro-Caribbean and other native groceries in Croydon set to get a lot easier with the upcoming launch of the new website and app,

For many individuals, shopping for ethnic groceries is a lot harder than shopping at regular supermarkets. They have to contend with traffic congestion, poor weather, long queues and parking issues and often waste valuable time just to get the items that they need. is an online marketplace for purchasing native groceries, food takeaways, bakery products and Indian sweets. The website offers hassle-free shopping for Indian, Chinese, Afro-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern and Eastern European foods. Users can browse the website and shop from their favourite local native grocery shop and have the items delivered directly to their doorstep.

Chris Waniala, Director at Weavee

The machine-learning app that matches you to your perfect job

Photo by Chris Waniala, used with permission.

Weavee is the jobs tool that you need. Currently a small startup, Weavee is looking to solve the problems that people face when searching for a job.

The recruitment sector has not yet been revolutionised by the modern advancements in social technology. Weavee’s product is already patent pending, has a strong supporting team and has an amazing MVP. At ~£30bn the recruitment sector provides huge value, however it does not fully utilise its potential. Weavee is creating a personalised jobs profile for candidates to be automatically paired to the jobs that best suit them and is looking for investors who want to help build the of the recruiting world.

To attend this month’s Croydon Tech City on Thursday 17th November at 7pm at Sussex Innovation Centre Croydon, please register here.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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