Beauty review: gelish manicure at Queen B Luxury Nail Lounge, Brighton Road

By - Thursday 26th January, 2017

Queen B nails it on the Brighton Road

Photo author’s own.

Gelish manicure at Queen B, 292 Brighton Rd, Croydon CR2 6AG

You don’t need to ask me twice if I want a manicure. It’s a guilty pleasure that frankly, I relish. But how do you choose a salon these days, when the high street is teeming with nail technicians offering ‘a full set for £10′? Speed, price and impulse are generally the motivation for choice. But do you ever look at the surroundings? Is it hygienic, and why so cheap?

Alas, these days many nail salons rush the job due to the pressure of the waiting customers who don’t pre-book. Ask yourself too, why do they wear a face mask and not offer you one, and did they wash their hands before starting on yours? Having been a huge fan of acrylic nails over the years, my biggest bug bear has always been the damage that it does to the nails, and the cost of maintenance.

Then a few years ago, a professional make-up artist told me about the latest technique called gel polish. In effect, your natural nails whatever their length are painted with a gel polish (any colour of the rainbow and more) which is very quickly toughened by a curing process using UV light. The results were and are amazing, in that you retain the sensitivity of the nails and the look is more natural but tougher and more long lasting. I was converted.

I selected a magnificent green

So of course the offer of a gelish manicure was a gift, and off I went to Queen B Luxury Nail Lounge. On first sight, the salon has a serene quality which is the overture to a beautiful experience. Owner Peter opened the salon nine months ago, having seen the lack of high quality nail salons generally. A big fan of manicures and pedicures himself, he sports a wonderful set of nails, each finger a work of art! Charlotte, one of the salon’s technicians, greeted me in this calm, white, elegant salon, filled with natural daylight.

Photo author’s own.

Having perused the great array of polish colours, I selected a magnificent green! The salon itself is predominantly white, comfortable and really spotlessly clean with elegant understated decor and gentle soulful music in the background. Better than the usual blaring radio one normally has to put up with! So, having sampled the delicious cup of tea, Charlotte, a trained artist turned nail technician, began her work on my rather scrappy fingers.

I give the team five stars

The process is frankly not very intensive, with no hard filing of the nail bed and toxic glues. The nails are tidied up and then the base and top coat applied neatly, then cured in the UV light box. The whole process from start to finish was only forty-five minutes, the end result a perfect set of natural nails, the only difference being that they will last longer and cause less damage long term to the nails. The team is a delight, the atmosphere very relaxing and I came away extremely happy.

I give Peter and his team at Queen B a five star award for atmosphere, comfort, cleanliness, professionalism and quality. They are busy, so booking an appointment is a must. You can park locally with little problem and they are on regular bus routes (from Park Street in Croydon town centre, the 60, the 405 or the 166 will all take you past the door in around ten minutes).

And four days later, my nails are still perfect.

The Queen B gelish manicure costs £25.00. Opening hours are Tuesday – Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00, Thursday – Friday 10:00 – 20:00, Saturday 10:00 – 18:00,  Sunday 11:00 – 16:00. The salon is closed on Mondays.

Gillian Manly

Gillian Manly

Gill Manly is a resident of Croydon for some 8 years, is a jazz singer of some repute, broadcaster, and voice over artist. Gill has worked with refugees, run a community café and sung for the Dalai Lama personally on two occasions. She dreams of winning the Great British Bakeoff and enjoys expanding her creativity.

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