Croydon Rocks – again!

By - Friday 7th September, 2018

Richie Hudson serves up some tasty teasers for November’s two-day Croydon Rocks festival

Blind River will be back at Croydon Rocks by popular demand.
Photo author’s own.

Building upon the success of last year’s Croydon Rocks festival, organiser Richie Hudson has assembled another brilliantly diverse line-up for the upcoming two-dayer on 3rd and 4th November 2018.

But before the main event, Richie organised a taster gig at the Scream Lounge on 17th August, to showcase three of the featured bands. It certainly did the trick. Vambo (who are not an Alex Harvey tribute band), Blind River, and Richie’s own band, The Fiascos, played to an enthusiastic audience in the packed-out venue.

Vambo’s studio-produced material has a well-polished, classic-rock vibe, but live the band provides much more grit and growl, and will go down a storm in November.

Blind River’s performance at last year’s Croydon Rocks was simply jaw-dropping

Blind River is already a must-see rock band that gets the audience jumping from the first note. Its performance at last year’s Croydon Rocks was simply jaw-dropping, and prompted Richie to ask the band back this year. “I aimed to get a whole new lineup this year, but Blind River was so good that I just had to get them back and put them further up the list where they deserve to be”, explained Richie.

The Fiascos‘ whirlwind set brought the evening to a suitably raucous close. The band is built for speed and probably should know better but doesn’t give a damn. It delivers clever songs with catchy hooks at a breakneck pace or, as the band itself puts it, ‘filthy punk rock n’ roll’. What’s not to like?

As a warm-up for November’s festival at the Croydon Conference Centre, the Scream Lounge gig was perfect. The Croydon Rocks festival proper boasts some amazing bands, and the lineups are carefully assembled by Richie.

Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate will be headlining the first day at Croydon Rocks.
Image by Croydon Rocks, used with permission.

“In many respects, organising it is the best job in the world. It’s like being a kid in a sweetshop” said Richie, who has again looked to America for some headlining acts.

“On Saturday we have Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate and Junkyard coming over from the states. These are two huge bands with a great following in the UK and they are already drawing a crowd. We also have The Weird Things, which is a big local favourite, plus Vambo, Chasing Dragons, The Spangles, Soho Dukes, Croydon’s own Joe Head, and The Fiascos. It’s a great line up.”

Ginger Wildheart is set to headline day two at Croydon Rocks.
Photo by Croydon Rocks, used with permission.

Sunday’s headline act, Ginger Wildheart, was a long-time target for Richie.

“I was ecstatic when we got Ginger. He’s a real legend and I can’t think of anyone better to headline.”

“We’ve also got The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (a real crowd pleaser), Flight 16 (led by Dave Sears), Blind River (who we warmly welcome back), The WitchDoktors (which I’m sure could have filled the venue on its own), The Kut, Junkyard Choir, Psychobabylon and Vampirok. I’m proud to host these great bands”, he concluded.

Head over to the Croydon Rocks website and Facebook page for more info on the festival.

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