Croydonites Festival 2018 review: Vinicius Salles’ Glitch

By - Wednesday 23rd May, 2018

Dance, improv and the exploration of identity

Photo by Croydonites Festival of New Theatre, used with permission.

“What do you allow to touch you, to reach you, to contaminate you?”

Step into the sometimes unsettling, yet always compelling, world of ‘Mr Me’, the man with a balloon, and be prepared to question all that makes us human in the modern world.

Glitch is an intriguing piece of interactive theatre that combines contemporary dance, improvisation and audience participation, albeit through the safety of the anonymity provided by our mobile phones. To reveal your identity is a choice; I remained ‘guest 989′. Log in to begin a live dialogue throughout the performance, a clever device that both embraces the possibilities of such technology, while simultaneously questioning its impact on our humanity: in such an intimate space, we are still separating ourselves from true interaction by use of a screen to hide behind.

This leaves a lasting impact, resonating long after you leave the venue

Powerfully choreographed by the talented Vinicius Salles, this piece leaves a lasting impact that resonates long after leaving the venue. You can literally take a piece of the performance home with you as the unique dialogue remains on your device for a time, enabling you to peruse and digest at leisure, with it slowly evolving with each read. The entire performance would definitely stand a second immersion alongside a brand-new audience, each experience being unique.

Glitch makes a highly innovative combined use of varied theatrical disciplines and the latest technology, with great results. I am looking forward to future productions.

Ivonne Fernandes-Bonnar

Ivonne Fernandes-Bonnar

Ivonne is a freelance artist, with a background in theatre design, who currently runs art sessions for adults with learning difficulties at day centres in the local area. She is a mother of three and has lived in Croydon for over forty years since travelling over from Nairobi with her family as a young child.

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