Croydonites Festival 2018 review: Disco Disco

By - Tuesday 15th May, 2018

You’ll laugh until you fall to the floor at this full-on side-splitter of a show

Photo by Croydonites Festival of New Theatre, used with permission.

If you don’t want your face to ache from thirty minutes of laughing like a hyena on acid, then don’t go to this show. If on the other hand you are seeking pure, unadulterated hilarity, then get some facial exercises under your belt and rock up to Disco Disco.

The production features a nine-strong cast of actors with disabilities who are playing game-show contestants (and one game-show host). The show is packed with laughs. At some point you begin to forget if you are laughing because of the funny things the cast are saying, or because they are giggling so much it has set you off.

The game show features dancing, serenading, a shoot-out and a guy dressed as a singing chicken. This is prompted by the man who only eats chicken. “I eat chicken on Monday”, he says. “I eat chicken on Tuesday, I eat chicken on Wednesday…”.

“What?”, cries the game-show host. “I’m a vegan!”

Of course, this show is brilliant because it is giving those with disabilities a platform to get involved with the arts. But the joy of Disco Disco is much simpler than that. Ultimately this is just a bunch of people on a stage having an awful lot of fun and making you laugh ’till you collapse on the floor, a laughing, aching mess. It is a sheer delight.

Rekha Shane

Rekha is a book reviewer on She also works part time for a professional body and the rest of the time for her two boys. When not writing her novel, Rekha can be found on the sofa binge-watching box sets with her husband.

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    This was fantastic fun! A huge ‘thank you’ to the whole cast (and organisers).