Croydon’s new RISEgallery: exclusively for everyone

By - Monday 27th October, 2014

A new gallery and project space arrives in St. George’s Walk

Shining a light… RISE is a new gallery space for South London.
Photo by RISEgallery, used with permission.

RISEgallery is a new and unique project whose aim is to play a pivotal role in being a catalyst for positive change, throughout the community as well as in each of its individuals. The gallery, which opened on 24th October, plans to offer new, creative ideas to Croydon, using art to bring together ideals, cultures and people.

The gallery specialises in contemporary, modern urban and post-war art, working closely with both emerging and established artists who display exceptional talent, technical skill and intrinsic creativity. At RISEgallery we believe in the life-enhancing value of art and we aspire to play a key role in London’s creative and cultural landscape, striving to offer the best experience for both our artists and our clients.

It’s sad to see such a negative image in St George’s Walk – it needs help

RISE has evolved from the internationally recognised organisation Recherché Art, whose creator and director is leading art dealer Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison. Kevin has lived in Croydon for many years and has been saddened to see how much of a negative image it has gathered when it has so much going for it. He identified St George’s Walk as being a place most in need of help, recognising it as one of Croydon’s last strongholds of independent shops. He enthuses about the architecture of the area and points out that the famous Nicholas Treadwell had his first gallery on the same street in the 1950s.

Kevin says: “My journey with RISE started over 18 months ago. I have been in the industry for many years now. My background is trading in post-war pop art and I am well-known in the industry as an advisor dealer to most of the larger corporate collections globally. The works of Andy Warhol are what I’m best known for. RISEgallery is my gift to Croydon and is only the start: the RISEproject will see this area revived though art and it will be a globally recognised area for art that is as good, if not more exciting and better, than others.

Art crosses cultures, age, every ethnicity and is enjoyed by all, and I am determined to use my experience and industry knowledge to help Croydon once again have that exciting feel. Additionally, I want to help the independent businesses in St. George’s Walk flourish by increasing footfall here.”

We are founding an Arts Quarter in Croydon

Philanthropy is an essential element of RISEgallery’s culture and the organisation supports a number of charities and is always looking for new projects to be directly involved in. One such project Kevin is founding is an Arts Quarter in Croydon, in which artists may come and express themselves and paint murals on the street walls, to combine fun, meaningful art with everyday life. RISEproject is finally about to begin and future projects will be continuously evolving, taking advantage of Croydon’s diverse cultures to make something new and long-lasting that unites and enhances its community and gives the possibility of exploring community capabilities through art and creativity.

A gallery is born.
Photo by RISEgallery, used with permission.

RISEgallery will be lending part of its premises in St George’s Walk to ArtHalo, a not-for-profit organisation whose primary vision is to make high quality artwork available to all, and that aims to provide art inception to vulnerable adults who may not have had the chance to be supported in their desire to find an outlet for their creative expression.

Through positive, high quality visual art intervention, ArtHalo endeavours to enrich the lives of these people, be a voice for them and to support every individual in developing the skills they need to fulfil that most basic human desire: to create and express oneself and ensure that creative desire is fulfilled and supported to its full potential.

We believe in the philosophy that art is inclusive to all and exclusive to none, and that is the central thread of all our past, current and future projects.

RISEgallery opened to the general public for the first time on Thursday 24th October and is open from 10am – 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.

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Josephine Porciatti

Josephine Porciatti

Josephine Porciatti is the assistant at Croydon's new RISEgallery. Born in Italy, she currently lives in East Grinstead. Josephine has lived in Italy all her life, studying languages in high school and moving in England only last year having been accepted on the Art & Design Foundation course at Croydon College. Seeking opportunities to learn and gain experience, she is very pleased and excited to be part of the new RISEgallery project.

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  • Mary Chrisia Borda

    Very exciting for the general public and of course the art students in the Croydon School of Art. The gallery opening would create a very positive image for Croydon and also increase the Artistic hub that no-one seems to know exists within the town, with multiple projects planned stemming from this one gallery, it’s thrilling to see how RISE and its projects would develop!