Dear Santa: a Christmas poem, by Esoteric

By - Wednesday 24th December, 2014

This year, poet Naomi Raffington – aka Esoteric – has written her Christmas list in a seasonal poem for the Croydon Citizen

What does a poet do? The Oxford English Dictionary describes poetry as “literary work in which… feelings and ideas are given intensity… by distinctive style and rhythm” – and that’ll do for me.

I’m a Croydon girl – I went to St Mary’s High School in the town centre, studied for my A levels at Harris Academy Crystal Palace and did a degree in midwifery a few miles away, at the University of Kingston. I love my work assisting and empowering women as they become mothers and feel privileged to be involved every day with such raw, real-life creativity.

Creating with words has become my other passion, and with the wonderful encouragement of my friends and family, I write and perform poetry in London and elsewhere in the UK. Most recently I’ve taken part in ‘Well Versed’, a series of events in Thornton Heath.

I love live performance and feeling connected to an audience. I chose the stage-name ‘Esoteric’, which means ‘intended for or understood by a group of people with specialised interest or knowledge.’ If you are interested in all our inner landscapes of emotion and awareness and want to explore them with honesty, I hope you’ll enjoy my work and find it has something to say to you.

This is a poem about Christmas and how differently I experience it now as an adult compared to how it was for me, and for so many of us, as a child. I think we stop being children only when we learn the difference between what we want and what we need – and although Santa can bring us many things, that’s a lesson we need to teach him rather than the other way around.

Dear Santa

A list of material things to distract me from reality and restrict my growth,
all scribbled down on the cleanest sheet of paper…
But Santa, I’m no longer that infatuated with things made out of plastic anymore.
The things I want for Christmas, I don’t believe you can give.

They can’t be bought
and I don’t want them wrapped in aesthetically-pleasing paper to obscure their true identity.
You cannot touch the things I want.
The sense of touch your hands possess is useless.
But open your heart –
and you will feel what I do.

You see, Santa…

prosperity and good health
can’t be placed under my tree
and unfortunately
all the material gifts you have to offer
are of no value to me.

So Santa – this year I send you not a list.
This year, Santa, I send you…
a confession.

This little girl has grown up and no longer ‘wants’ but ‘needs’.

Naomi Raffington

Naomi Raffington

Naomi Raffington is a poet and spoken word artist who was born and raised in Croydon. In her final year of studying a Midwifery Bsc hons degree at Kingston University she published her first ever anthology entitled ‘The Escape of My Imprisoned Thoughts’ available on Amazon. In addition to empowering childbearing women, Naomi thoroughly enjoys reading her poetry at various events across the UK and interacting with likeminded people.

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