Donald Trump and the Kingdom of Dirt: a music review

By - Tuesday 24th January, 2017

It was the day the world changed, and I went a-rockin’

Redhill’s Trevor’s Head headlining at Hoodoo’s, Croydon.
Photo author’s own.

What to do when Trump’s inauguration is wall to wall on the news channels?

Fortunately for me, the answer was simple: head off to Hoodoo’s for a free night of rock music guaranteed to blow bad thoughts away.

Due to work and other fripperies I wasn’t able to get there in time to catch the appearance of the Asif Outlaws (sorry folks – next time) though I did hear that they went down a storm.

Similarly I just caught the end of a very muscular set from C.Lou.D Dogs, a three piece very much on the current trend for lean, stripped down sounds. Chris Mays on guitar and vocals, Dan Adams on bass, and hard hitting Louisa Edwards Knight on drums, certainly got the crowd jumping.

The evening ran under the headline ‘Kingdom of Dirt’

As well as great music it’s nice to see familiar faces and get a catch up. I bumped into Mark Turner who organised last year’s Scream Fest in Croydon – I’m hoping he will be doing the same this year too! Mark was chatting to Tenyson bass player Rawden Enever – hopefully they were cooking something up. Watch this space.

Back to the music. The evening ran under the headline ‘Kingdom of Dirt’, and doing a bit of research it appeared that Brighton’s Junkyard Choir were regular performers for them. I was told by regular Citizen contributor Ian Marvin that the Choir were a stripped down guitar and drums two piece. However, we were in for a surprise as five musicians came to the stage, with bass, keys and congas joining Mark Woods on guitar and vocals and drummer Tom Herbert. It turned out that we were being treated to the band’s full recording line up.

Mark Woods’ vocals were outstanding – bluesy and soulful with the kind of throaty roar that enhances any performance. A mix of fast paced thrashers and slower, but still hard edged, numbers made for a very well received set.

With Trump in mind, it must be great when you have a song called ‘Government Whores’ in your repertoire

Redhill’s finest, Trevor’s Head were the headliners this time around, and they didn’t disappoint.

With Trump in mind, it must be great when you have a song called ‘Government Whores’ in your repertoire – a brilliant way to open up.

It’s almost six months since the last time I saw the ‘Heads’, and the trio of Roger Atkins on guitar and vocals, Aaron Strachan on bass and Matt Ainsworth on drums, sounded even tighter and power packed than I’d remembered.

A brilliant set from a band that genuinely enjoys playing Croydon venues went down a storm.

Live music in Croydon, may it be ever present. Thanks to the organisers and to the bands that came and really rocked the joint. I hope to see them all again very soon.

Paul Dennis

Paul Dennis

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