Event review: ‘Bleed To This’ at the Scream Lounge

By - Thursday 27th April, 2017

Paul Dennis sniffs out fresh blood at the latest Bleed To This promotion at the Scream Lounge

North London band Jackknife Seizure topped a hugely talented bill at Scream Lounge.
Photo author’s own.

Bleed To This promoter Mark Turner has a happy knack of attracting great bands to Croydon’s Scream Lounge, with the 1st April line up no exception.

Jackknife Seizure headlined this one, ably supported by Butcher In The Fog, Gold Phoenix and the always popular Trevor’s Head. Four bands for a fiver – come on Croydon, this is a bargain!

Trevor’s Head kicked things off in fine style. Tight, powerful, the Scream Lounge suits them, and it’s clearly a venue that they love playing.

With four bands set to play, time was at a premium, and there was no ‘filler’ material in evidence at any point.

Redhill’s Trevor’s Head opened the evening in great fashion.
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Gold Phoenix was next up, highly recommended by Trevor’s Head guitarist/vocalist Roger Atkins who knows a good band when he hears one.

A bit more blues influence with nods to grunge – just two bands in and Gold Phoenix had ensured that we had an eclectic mix to enjoy. I’d like to hear more from them.

Surrey band Gold Phoenix laid down some blues tinged licks.
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Butcher In The Fog – and another new sound. Raw, growling vocals, straight up hard, dense riffing, mixing punk brevity with a doom metal edge. That’s a tricky deal to pull off but it was managed in some style. Like the headline band, Butcher In The Fog is North London-based and has built a big following in its home area – and the word is spreading, thanks to venues like Scream Lounge and forward looking promoters like Mark Turner.

Butcher In The Fog played some prime cuts.
Photo author’s own.

Jackknife Seizure had the honour of topping things off, and a recent run of gigs had toned the band’s musical muscle to perfection. Their new CD, Starfisher, has drawn encouraging reviews, and we were treated to a band on top of their game. Grunge and industrial metal influences are evident in Jackknife Seizure’s material, as is a bit of Hawkwind ‘spaceyness’, but the band isn’t in thrall to these influences and very much ploughs its own furrow.

Prog metal is the genre that Jackknife Seizure has been categorized in, and while that’s as good a guess as the next, I actually think that the band is a bit harder to define.

As an oldster I remember prog rock as being all about pomp and technique, but unlike that ’70s excess that was ultimately lanced by punk, these new bands make their ferocious instrumental technique do their bidding, rather than letting it be their master. It allows the music to deliver the message, and long may it continue.

Once again, huge thanks to Mark Turner for putting together a diverse yet well blended evening of music, but most of all thanks to the bands who really rocked it.

Paul Dennis

Paul Dennis

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