Event review: ‘With Each Passing Moment’ at RISEgallery

By - Wednesday 17th May, 2017

Capturing subtle moments at RISEgallery

Photo author’s own.

‘With Each Passing Moment’ is the second exhibition of the year at the St George’s Walk art gallery, and the first photography exhibition that it has ever held. It features work by William Klein, Susan Derges, Helmut Newton, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Steve McCurry, Ralph Gibson, Maurizio Catellan, Luis Lazo, Tim Strange and Seamus Nicolson.

Whereas ‘The Light Within’ was an amazing show of neon light often created as mixed-media pieces with political statements, and a break-out piece adorning the Surrey Street bridge, this new show is something altogether different. No less impressive than its predecessor, this photography exhibition includes some large prints that lend themselves well to the modern penchant for taking selfies. I’m sure that the photographers didn’t have selfie-man and -woman in mind when capturing a residential scene from present-day Beijing.

This is a display featuring street photography. I thought of myself as a street photographer for quite a while, until someone pointed out that genre of photography was more defined by the photographer capturing a moment. I love this type of work, as images from the genre that I’ve seen in the past appear to have been taken without the subject knowing about it prior to being snapped. It’s not about intrusion into privacy, as the shots are often taken in very public spaces and are not capturing anything that might be compromising. It’s about the ability to capture that moment.

So much escapes our attention – even with lenses all around

What I like is the idea of making the invisible visible. Living in London and being a photographer myself, working at the London Eye until January this year, has made me realise how many things escape our attention – even when there are lenses all around.

My mum and a friend struck up a conversation about a piece featuring three young black schoolgirls in what I think was their Sunday best, dressed in long white socks, hair in braids and patent shoes. It powerfully captured their memory of schooldays. And that’s why this exhibition is great: it might strike up further conversations, and who knows what yours might be? The work on display will make you ask questions and provoke reactions – like Maurizio Catellan’s ‘Picasso’, which looks like it’s from the new ITV gameshow Big Heads. I was sure that this guy was stood on what looked like the streets of New York City, but I had no idea why he, or even she, was wearing a costume…

Photo author’s own.

‘With Each Passing Moment’ might not have the glamour of bright lights, but it will make you question the scene. Some of the work is beautiful; the man paddling up a river on a raft filled with vibrant flowers is truly stunning. Like a Roy Lichtenstein piece, you might ask yourself where, what, why and who. What are the people queuing for in this photograph? Where is the river heading to? All of this can be seen and pondered at RISEgallery until Sunday 4th June.



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  • Ian Marvin

    Great review Wes! There’s a further opportunity to engage with the Beijing street scene on SEGAS House by the way . . .