Event review: Tenyson and Asif Outlaws play The Odd Shoe

By - Wednesday 16th August, 2017

Do The Odd Shoe shuffle down in Park Street, central Croydon

Tenyson at the Odd Shoe, Park Street. Photo  author’s own.

It’s always nice to discover new venues hosting music, and The Odd Shoe pub, in Park Street, was certainly new to me. I apologise if ‘the Shoe’ has a long and venerable history of supporting live music – I just hadn’t come across it as a music venue. To me, ‘the Shoe’ was ‘that pub by the bus stop’, one that I passed on the way to somewhere else. Walking by, I’d clocked that it had enthusiastic pool-playing regulars… but that was as much as I knew.

If it hadn’t been for Croydon’s finest – Tenyson – promoting its gig on social media, I would have missed out on a fine evening’s entertainment.

Back in live action after putting the finishing touches to an album due for release any time now, Tenyson had warmed up with a gig ‘up north’ at Molotov in Denmark Street, London. Now they were back on home turf and ready to rock. A muscular set comprised of old favourites and new material hit the spot, and there was no sign of ring rustiness from guitarist/vocalist Rob Jupp, Rawden Enever on bass, or Scott Clarke (drums/vocals).

With the addition of some hard riffing and soloing, it had that little bit extra

Next up was Surrey-based Asif Outlaws, a band I’ve unfortunately contrived to miss on a number of occasions when they’ve played gigs in Croydon. Guitar, bass, sax and drums isn’t your typical rock-band mix, but the Asifs don’t play typical rock – well, actually, they do play recognisable rock, but with the addition of some hard riffing and soloing from Jackie Taylor on sax, it had that little bit extra. Excellent guitar and vocals from Asif Ali and a hard-hitting rhythm section of Dave Holdstock on bass and Pete Wall on drums handled the blues rock-tinged material brilliantly.

I liked the Asifs and I’ve clearly been missing out in the past, but as they are regulars on the Croydon scene, I’m sure it won’t be too long before I get the chance to see them again. They’re well worth a listen.

Photo by Asif Outlaws used with permission.

But back to the venue.

The Odd Shoe is a great ‘intimate gig’ environment, and it needs to make more of itself. I’ll be honest: I’ve banged on about the lack of support for gigs in Croydon and I’ll continue to do so. But I firmly believe that in many cases, it’s the venues that are at fault, not the bands. I heard of this gig at The Odd Shoe thanks to Tenyson’s social media presence and having seen them here, I’ve now started to follow the Asifs – but if the venues want to attract punters, and sell loads of ale, then they need to do some of the heavy lifting. I’m tempted to say that if it hadn’t been for the band’s promotional efforts, there would have hardly been a ‘sole’ in there (sorry).

Some are already good at this, others not so much – so come on folks, give it some welly! (Yeah, I know you saw what I did there…).

Paul Dennis

Paul Dennis

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