Event review: Will Pound and Eddy Jay at The Oval Tavern, Tuesday 2nd November

By - Friday 17th November, 2017

A sonic tour around the world and across genres, courtesy of two master musicians

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Will Pound is no stranger to the Oval Tavern, having played solo here last year with his numerous harmonicas. For this gig, hosted by the Oval, along with The Ukulele & Other Machines, Will teamed up with Eddy Jay, a master accordionist. The duo treated the audience to a musical evening that traversed genres, continents and generations. Such is the reputation of the duo that the audience came from across the home counties.

The first half commenced with an Irish tune, ‘The Floating Candle’, and then the pair adeptly crossed over to a Swedish jig. A joint composition based upon The Goon Show theme tune was played as a tribute to the harmonica virtuoso, Max Geldray. There was an indirect reference to their gravitas as musicians as they played a waltz, ‘Oblivion’, which they had previously performed on BBC Radio 3.

Eddy Jay.
Photo author’s own.

The second part of the evening started with Purcell’s ‘Old Sir Simon The King’. In case 17th-century music wasn’t considered current enough, a set of blues tunes inspired by Stevie Wonder and Ralph Stanley followed, along with their version of the jazz standard ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’.

Another joint composition, ‘Trans Global Express’, seemed to nicely sum up their repertoire, having travelled musically during the evening around the Northern Hemisphere.

Throughout the evening, Will selected and played the appropriate harmonica for the tune from the seven laid out to his side. However, for two of his tunes, he seamlessly swapped between harmonicas without any change in the dexterity or speed of his performance.

A test for any musician playing in a pub is to capture the audience and to draw in the people from around the edges. As they played, the chattering classes towards the back were soon silenced, and the pub was one and all drawn, jaws dropping, towards the stage as Will and Eddy superbly performed their craft.

Pure magic.

Papa Delta

Papa Delta

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