Five of the best… places in Croydon to meet your soulmate

By - Friday 17th June, 2016

Wondering if Mr or Miss Right is really out there… somewhere… in Croydon? Bernadette Fallon points us in the right direction

Looking for more than a casual fling? Ready for Love with a capital ‘L’?  The good news is that Cupid doesn’t have to commute: you can meet your soulmate right here in Croydon… and here’s how.

During a philosophical fix

A place you can probe the inner depths of your own soul seems as good a place as any to find a mate to suit it. Somewhere you can ask: “what is a soul?” (Or maybe even: “what is a mate?”)

The Croydon and Bromley School of Philosophy on Addiscombe Grove is a ‘centre of spiritual and practical knowledge and enquiry’ and its courses aim to help people live a full and useful life through a better understanding of themselves and the wider world. Ten-week courses run regularly with daytime, evening and weekend options available. The school works with a system of practical philosophy based on the eastern teaching of Advaita, which is centred around the unity underlying all phenomena. And unity is precisely what you’re after in your quest for a mate…

Over dinner

If you’re a woman believing the old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, or a man who likes meeting women while eating, one of Croydon’s many dining clubs could be just the thing. There are dinner clubs, breakfast clubs, brunch clubs, meet-up-for-an-11-o-clock-decaf-Americano-and-a-gluten-free-brownie clubs, and you’ll find more details on Meetup, Facebook and Twitter (though maybe not on the last one).

Croydon Eats Out is one of the biggest and has just under 1,000 members. But if you believe that love may flourish more easily in a more intimate setting, sign up for Cronx Cooks, whose members meet up regularly in each other’s kitchens.

Over a tender green shoot

A shared interest makes for good soulmate action. Joining a club to pursue your interest puts you within shouting distance of a whole gang of them. Or within trowelling distance, in this case.

Croydon has a whole host of community gardening groups who do amazing work all over the borough, including nature conservation organisations and park ‘friends’. They’re great places to meet people and come together in the great outdoors to improve your local surroundings. From the Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park to Park Hill Park Friends, Heathfield Ecology Centre to Thornton Heath Rec, there’s surely no worthier way to find a soulmate. Get more details (on the groups: you’ll have to forage for your own soulmate) on the Association of Croydon Conservation Societies website.

Over the canned goods

Far from being the place to pick up a ‘end of day’ bargain on your way home from work, the supermarket has been outed as THE place to find love in the lettuce aisle or lust by the leeks.

Research by shopping app Shopitize found that six per cent of us have dated someone we met in the supermarket. Two per cent of us have even married them. A supermarket dating website quickly followed to answer the call for crushes in the chiller cabinet, but if you like to unleash your passion over passionfruit in person, consider the following Croydon retailers:

Lidl: get talking over a bargain

The Co-op: for friendly local trysts (my Addiscombe branch is one of the friendliest supermarkets in the world)

Waitrose: an upmarket encounter over posh cheese

Sainsbury’s Local: debate the eternal mystery with that special someone, namely: why, in a supermarket presumably set up to service people who do quick, on-the-run grabs rather than a big, plan-ahead, weekly shops, do they only sell peppers in packs of three?


All sounding a bit too vague for you? Want to find a place that’s proven to produce your soulmate? Well, scientifically speaking, the best place to find love is in an organised group, so all of the above, bar the supermarket, are a very good bet and at least you’ll find your dinner in the supermarket.

But if you want to be super scientific about it, a more rigorously organised social group is key: school, work or churches. You might be past the school stage (though a philosophy course will help you out there) and work can be a potential minefield (plenty of relationships start there but so do plenty of affairs) so that leaves the church.

In which case, can I direct you towards my personal Croydon favourite, the Croydon Minster? Particularly during Evensong. Your soul will soar with the beauty of the voices and if a kindred soul happens to find yours in the beauty of music, well…that’s what soulmating is all about…

The author would like to state that no souls or hearts were damaged in the writing of this feature… though there were a few bruised lemons after a trip to the supermarket, ahem.

Bernadette Fallon

Bernadette Fallon

Bernadette has been a journalist since the age of 7 when she devised, designed and launched ‘Fallon’s News’ – much to her family’s delight. Brought up in Ireland, she was born in Addiscombe where she now lives, though it took her several decades to find it again. She works as a journalist and broadcaster. Follow her at

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