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By - Friday 11th August, 2017

Forget Hay-on-Wye. Your literary heritage will be celebrated on Saturday 9 September at the David Lean Cinema

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If Stoke Newington and Balham can have a literary festival, then why not Croydon? That was the thinking back in April this year, when Croydon stalwart Jonny Rose called together a group of like-minded volunteers to put together the borough’s inaugural literary festival.

One meeting in Matthews Yard later, and the organising committee for Croydon’s first ever literary festival was born. Through noisy meetings in Whitgift’s Costa Coffee and Camden Coffee House, tears, sweat, a few hundred espressos and countless sets of emails and minutes later, the Croydon Literary Festival is finally ready to be born: in the David Lean Cinema on Saturday 9 September 2017.

Comprising six sessions, the theme is ‘There’s More To Croydon Than You Think’. Covering topics as diverse as mental health, suburban murders, Croydon architecture and our area of London as a comedic punchline, there’s no shortage of interest to be found in the borough’s diverse history and cultural strengths.

Celebrate Croydon’s literary heritage in a variety of sessions across the day

Speakers as diverse as Jim Bob (former lead singer of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine), Peter Watts, Killer Woman Erin Kelly and the Croydon Citizen’s own Liz Sheppard-Jones will be bringing their viewpoint of the borough to life, and celebrating Croydon’s literary heritage, in a variety of sessions across the day.

For those with a love of the suburbs, John Grindrod will be discussing the joys of Croydon’s architecture at 2pm. Anyone who wants to bring their writing to fruition, author Adam Croft and literary agent Matthew Hamilton will be hosting a session at 12pm. And if your interest is in mental wellbeing, Sunday Express editor Martin Townsend will be talking about staying calm in the suburbs at 11am.

Where else will you be on Saturday 9th September?

So, where else will you be on Saturday 9th September? In the David Lean Cinema, it’s hoped, celebrating our borough’s lively brand of culture and heritage, as brought to you via the prism of literary appreciation.

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Cassie Whittell

Cassie Whittell

Cassie has lived in and around Croydon since 1988. She's a digital project manager and editor with a passion for welsh rarebit, cats and Rotherham United (in that order). She's also Operations Director for the Croydon Literary Festival, and Production Editor on the Croydon Citizen.

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