Reflections on an election

By - Thursday 21st May, 2015

Since moving to Croydon from Woking, Charles B. Wordsmith has been blogging his experiences and observations about his new home. Here he reflects on the outcome of the recent neck-and-neck election race for the parliamentary seat of Croydon Central

Reflections on an election

Took a stroll with my dear wife
Down the now familiar streets
To a hall at St.Michael’s church.
Put a cross against a name
One of whom would claim a seat
In that famous building by the Thames
You have the privilege and honour to represent
Croydon Central within our Parliament.

Yet some of us who came
To leave our mark upon that slip
Did so, not because we thought we’d change
Much within our governance –
Though the morning after breakfast show
Tells me now that much has changed –

We voted just because we still believe
That it’s good for people to have a choice
And, though we may not like what they choose,
It’s right ours is not the only voice.

So, Gavin Barwell, I wish you well.
You won a tight contest and – despite the polls –
Ended up on the winning side.
But spare a thought for your main rival,
Who came so close but could not swing
A mere two hundred or so odd votes
To bring about a different win.

So yours is the prize and is the glory.
You have the honour to represent
Croydon Central within our parliament -
But as you reclaim your seat in that august hall,
One Croydon voter hopes you’ll spare
As much concern and attention
For the small overall majority in Croydon Central,
Those folk who didn’t vote to place you there.

Charles B. Wordsmith

Charles B. Wordsmith

A newcomer to Croydon, currently trying to publish a book and find gainful employment within the Croydonian urban jungle.

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  • Anne Giles

    But the majority did vote for him, which is why he got in.