Restaurant review: The Breakfast Club at Boxpark Croydon

By - Monday 5th December, 2016

Breakfast at Breakfast Club, over easy

It’s extremely rare to find a British restaurant that does a good American-style breakfast. Far too often, errant members of the ‘full English’ creep in to mar the transatlantic experience: the grilled tomato, the fried mushroom, or heaven forbid, the black pudding have no place whatsoever in an authentic American diner, or on the plate of any breakfast claiming to be truly ‘American style’. And then there are the eggs. Ask most British-born waiters for your eggs ‘over easy‘ and they will stare at you like you’re from Mars.

Photo by Breakfast Club, used with permission.

Thankfully the Breakfast Club at the recently-arrived Boxpark in Dingwall Road (right alongside East Croydon station, in case you have by any chance missed it) avoids all of these transatlantic faux pas. Its signature ‘All American’ comes fully loaded with American-style crispy bacon, a sausage link, eggs-how-you-like-them, fried potatoes and pancakes with maple syrup. But if American-style really isn’t your thing, they also cater more closely to the British palate: black pudding is available in other menu choices for those who just have to have it. But the All American is the clear star of the show. Coffee is extra, but excellent. The only un-American thing about the whole package is the price.

At nearly £15 for cooked breakfast and coffee (and the final total was more after the auto-add-on service charge), a trip to the Breakfast Club is more of a one-off treat than a daily occurrence for most of us, which is tragic since the quality of the food and diversity of the menu are sure to offer plenty for repeat-offenders. It’s a shame, because the excellent American-style service and homely decor will also leave you yearning for a return visit.

Owen Kingston

Owen Kingston

Owen is an award-winning writer and director of stage and screen. He is currently Artistic Director of Parabolic Theatre, a company devoted to producing immersive theatrical experiences in the Croydon area.

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