Restaurant review: JRC Global Buffet, Valley Leisure Park, Purley Way

By - Friday 9th January, 2015

Serena Alam enjoys a culinary grand tour thanks to JRC Global Buffet

Unit 6C, Hesterman Way, Valley Leisure Park, Beddington Farm Road, Croydon CR0 4YA
Time from East Croydon:  16 minutes,  5 minutes

JRC Global Buffet, Croydon.
Photo by JRC Global, used with permission.

Last week I was able to enjoy a buffet lunch at JRC Global Buffet. This is a large buffet restaurant situated in Valley Leisure Park, Purley Way and is part of a restaurant chain. The price for an adult lunch is £9.99. The price on their website for an adult dinner is £18.99. However, this may only be applicable for the christmas period and it’s possible that the price could change in the new year.

On entering the restaurant I saw various notices on the walls stating that you’re not permitted to take photographs on restaurant property, that the tandoori items on the menu are halal, and there was also other information that customers might find useful. A small area directly opposite the front door had been made to look very christmassy.

We were very impressed by the clarity of labelling of food dishes

I went with three of my relatives. Between us, we sampled the various dishes that I will mention in the next few paragraphs. Although we were all adults, I managed to view and sample some of the food that children would normally like, so I’m able to give my verdict on this aspect too.

Tandoori Chicken.
Photo by JRC Global, used with permission.

We were very impressed by the clarity of labelling of food dishes. These not only stated the name of the dish, but also informed diners about important food content such as whether the dish was vegetarian, or if it contained ingredients that someone might be allergic to. In the case of meat dishes, the label also stated whether the meat was halal (and this was written in English).

In the Indian cuisine section, we tried the chicken tikka (halal), chicken tikka masala (halal), the garlic nan, peas pulao, chana masala and poppadums, which all tasted very nice. We also tried the chicken korma (halal) which was beautifully creamy and coconutty (although the website actually says this isn’t normally available at the Croydon branch of JRC). We didn’t try the lamb rogan josh which was also halal; however it looked very nice.

Stir fried rice noodles, deep fried aubergine and the tofu all tasted lovely!

Spring rolls.
Photo by JRC Global, used with permission.

From the Chinese cuisine section, we tried sweetcorn soup, spring rolls, prawn toast, stir fry noodles, fish fingers, some chips, garlic mushrooms, scampi, onion rings and hash browns, all of which were very tasty. The hash browns were shaped like faces, so I imagine these would be popular with young children. I particularly liked the sweet corn soup, and the scampi was also a popular choice in our group. I would have preferred the prawn toast to be more chewy, but this is most probably just my personal preference.

I also sampled some of the Thai cuisine. The stir fried rice noodles, deep fried aubergine and the tofu all tasted lovely!

There was a nice selection of desserts in the desserts bar. The various cakes that we tried were very enjoyable. There was also a fresh fruits section, containing a good selection of sliced fresh fruit, which I also sampled.

The service, food and atmosphere were generally very good

We were slightly disappointed that it wasn’t easy to find out the ingredients for all the sweets in the sweets section, and this could be a problem for diners with children who have special dietary needs. There was a reasonably wide selection of drinks in the fizzy drinks section, and ice was available for anyone wanting to add some to their drink.

Overall, we had a very good experience. We liked the wide range and variety of the food, and felt that everything was well-cooked. I thought the premises were well-presented; not just because of the christmas scene but I also liked the beautiful grand piano inside the restaurant. The service, food and atmosphere were generally very good. We would definitely go back there again and also recommend it to others.

You can find all the information you might require at the JRC Global Buffet, Croydon website here.

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