Restaurant review: MEATliquor, Boxpark Croydon

By - Tuesday 14th August, 2018

Burgers and beer provide for a flavoursome evening

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It is rare for me to visit Boxpark these days – apart from going to the Cronx Bar – but a friend wanted to try MEATliquor, so I acquiesced!

Having run the gauntlet of the incessant dance music being pumped out by Boxpark, it was a pleasure to be given a table around the side, out of earshot of Boxpark… but with MEATliquor’s far more appealing rock music being played at a reasonable, but not ear-splitting, volume. Conversation was still easily possible. The air-con was also welcome on a sweltering evening!

Being a Monday night, the place was reasonably quiet and our ‘Burgerette’ – as the waitresses are referred to on the menu (is this somewhat condescending?) – was friendly and attentive, and service was efficient throughout the meal.

My burger certainly punched above its weight

My companion ordered a cheeseburger (well done – and it was done to her satisfaction) and I had a chicken parma burger, which is a fried chicken fillet with serrano ham, melted mozzarella and marinara sauce. My burger certainly punched above its weight, and was extremely delicious, not too fatty, and the mixture of flavours was well balanced.

To share we had deep-fried mac’n'cheese sticks. These were a little gloopy and the sauce could have been a bit more powerful, but all the same enjoyable. The fried pickles and blue cheese sauce supplied the necessary kick.

Portions were generous and overall the meal was good value for money.

The emphasis is on shots and cocktails, with a short wine list

Although mediocre mass-produced brands are absent, the beer range is relatively unexciting. I ordered two-thirds of draught Meantime Pale. Strangely MEATliquor only serves two-thirds and pints, but no halves. Why? The wine list is short with slightly cheeky descriptions, but that fits the vibe of the place. The emphasis seems to be on shots and cocktails, the former not pointing to an encouragement of responsible drinking (in my view).

The decor suits the atmosphere of the restaurant, including slightly odd montages of rock musicians with animal heads, a kind of beginner’s H.R. Giger, or the cover of Steely Dan’s The Royal Scam. Who spotted the back-to-front Gibson logo on one of the guitars?

So, would I return? Certainly for the food, which exceeded expectations, and the friendly service; I would probably avoid the busier, noisier times though, and if possible would try for a table away from the entrance from Boxpark.

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson

I have been a Croydon resident for over 30 years, and have recently retired from a career in banking. Whilst appreciating many aspects of the regeneration of Croydon I do have a number of concerns about its effects. My main interests are rock music, walking, travel, and last but not least, good pubs and quality beer!

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