Restaurant review: Yumn brasserie, South Croydon

By - Wednesday 10th December, 2014

Mirror mirror on the door… Joy Akwue-Butler enjoys Croydon’s newest fusion cooking

69-71 South End, Croydon, CR0 1BF

Time from East Croydon: 15 minutes / 5 minutes 119, 466 or 312

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What strikes you when you enter Yumn Brasserie is the very modern décor – it looks chic with lots of glass and mirrors. In fact it may help to explain why I was slightly distracted when entering the premises, as I didn’t realise there was another set of glass doors and walked straight into them! Costa, the maître d’, was very apologetic but I found it quite funny – so watch out!

I’d arranged to meet up with my friend Jo, who was already sitting at the large bar that can be found to the right of the restaurant. She had a large glass of wine in her hand and was chatting to the barman, aka Blue Eyes Jakey! Costa took my coat and said that we could sit wherever we liked. The tables are nicely spread out, with corner tables dotted around the edges. There’s also a large separate function room for private parties that can seat sixteen people comfortably. The toilets are large and clean, with a separate disabled toilet.

A European-inspired menu with a hint of the exotic

We ordered a bottle of sauvignon blanc (£16.50) and a bottle of tap water. We then perused the menu. Yumn has a European-inspired menu with a hint of the exotic – Asian influence. For our starters Jo ordered prawn and crayfish cocktail – with crispy lettuce, cucumber, red pepper and a Marie Rose sauce with cayenne pepper (£7.50). I ordered the autumn salad – home made hummus, harissa dressing, roast honey glazed carrots, parsnips, shallot and beetroot (£6.95).

Our starters arrived well-presented. Jo was impressed with the generous helping of prawns and thought there was a good balance of fish and salad, with the cayenne pepper providing a bit of a kick to the overall dish. I also enjoyed my starter, which was served slightly warm – the hummus, the mix of salad and vegetables provided a nice mix of flavours and went well together.

Photo author’s own.

For her main course, Jo ordered the Yumn fishcake – soft poached eggs, brown shrimp and caper beurre blanc (£14.95) plus a side order of twice fried chips (£2.75). I ordered the herb crushed hake – potato dauphinoise, buttered samphire grass and a soft herb beurre blanc (£14.95). What you may find interesting is that every item on the menu comes with a wine recommendation.

While we waited for our mains to arrive, we got talking to the couple at the next table who had brought their nine month old daughter. (She was adorable and so well-behaved!). It was good to see that families were being made to feel very welcome too.

Again, our food arrived well-presented. Jo had been led to believe that her dish would be served on a bed of salad, but it wasn’t. It’s a shame, as she would have ordered some vegetables to go with her fish cake, which she did enjoy, but the intense fish flavour needed something to break up the taste. The poached egg helped, but was too small; in Jo’s opinion there should have been at least two eggs with maybe a side order of haricot/green beans. My fish was well cooked, the potato was not quite as good, and although the sauce was buttery, it needed a little more flavour. These are slight criticisms; overall we both enjoyed our meal.

Jo and I had a great evening at Yumn, we loved the décor, the staff were friendly, the food delicious and there was a great atmosphere! I would definitely recommend Yumn Brasserie – Jo is already planning to go there again!

Joy Akwue-Butler

Joy Akwue-Butler

Joy Akwue-Butler works as the Operations Manager for IKM TeckChek Europe whose UK office is based in Croydon. She has lived and worked in the area for over 20 years. She currently lives in Caterham with her partner and has one daughter – Jasmine. Joy loves eating good food and enjoys socialising!

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