Restaurant review: Zabardast wraps, East Croydon

By - Friday 9th September, 2016

Rufus Jones enjoys a filling and flavoursome lunch

1 Dingwall Road, CR0 2NA

Time from East Croydon:  1 minute

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Zabardast is a local wrap shop just a minute’s walk away from East Croydon station. It has friendly staff who greeted us as we walked in the door. The menus were detailed and easy to read: you choose your meal in three sections which are the type of wrap, the filling and the sauce. You can add salad and it’s very good that you can be exact about which salad ingredients they will serve. Zabardast also offers a range of traditional Indian drinks that includes chai latte and mango lassi.

My brother, my mother and I had just finished a bothersome task in West Croydon and were looking for a filling and rewarding meal. The scene was busy and lively as this is Croydon’s business district at lunchtime, but we were lucky that it was a warm day and we got an outside table straightaway. We were also served quickly by the efficient staff, which is important on a lunch break.

One of the many things I liked about Zabardast was the choice of bread, a selection of white tortilla, wholewheat paratha or flatbread. If you don’t eat meat there were also vegetarian options that included halloumi cheese (which is brined cheese made from sheep and goat’s milk), paneer (also cheese which has been marinaded), aloo (spicy potato cooked in spinach puree), omelette or falafel (chickpea balls). After a minute of hard thinking we decided on these three wraps: my brother chose chicken tikka (marinaded and barbequed) in a tortilla, my mother chose paneer tikka on paratha and I chose chicken hari boti, (which has been cooked in a coriander and spicy green marinade) also in a tortilla.

This was a showstopper: it would keep you going all afternoon

My chicken tikka had spice without being too hot and for the sauce I chose yoghurt mint to keep things fairly cool. My mother added hot chilli and my brother chose the same sauce as I did, then started eating my mother’s paratha by mistake and got quite a surprise.

My mother’s view on her wrap was: “It’s a showstopper and very filling, particularly with the wholewheat paratha”. My brother commented that: “I like the balance between the filling and the sauce as some sandwiches cheat you on the amount of filling or sauce that they contain”.

My view was that the wrap was very tasty and it was a perfect mix of filling and wrap. None of the wrap was bare or dry, even at the ends, which is often not the case. Each individual wrap cost four pounds fifty which was well-priced: you felt you were getting value for money and if this was a working lunch it would keep you going all afternoon. It’s definitely a winner – and that’s a wrap!

Rufus Jones

Rufus Jones

Rufus is in year 10 at Archbishop Tenison's School, Croydon. He has a passion for art and design and a keen interest in history and writing, taking after his father. In his spare time he enjoys gaming.

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