Review: the 2014 Fairfield Halls pantomime – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

By - Thursday 11th December, 2014

Danielle Lowe had a lovely time at the Fairfield panto. Oh no she didn’t! Oh yes she did!

Image by Fairfield Halls, used with permission.

There’s always glitz and glamour at seasonal pantomimes and on Tuesday 9th December, this year’s Fairfield Halls production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs proved to be no exception.

With an array of modern twists and interactive fun the story is brought to life and everybody in the audience, regardless of age, feels compelled to get involved.

Seeing Pop Idol winner Gareth Gates playing the delightfully love-struck Prince Charming is clearly an opportunity not to be missed for the mums and grannies of the audience, especially when appearing alongside Quinn Patrick, Siâni Owen and Brian Wheeler, and the casting of Witney White –  a real-life Disney princess –  in the role of Snow White is perfect.

This will make you want to dance, sing and clap the night away

Best of all was the way that each of the dwarfs’ personalities are really brought to life. In some performances of Snow White you can feel that the actor has simply been cast because of height, but in this production you really feel that the personality of the character matches that of the actor, particularly Loopy, a trouble-maker played by “avid ‘tricker’” Kain Francis. This really does help keep the production alive, especially the faces the dwarfs pull at certain foods – before going on to sing about them eagerly.

And if shouting “He’s behind you!” isn’t enough to get everybody involved, the cast takes on a variety of popular songs including a Madness mash-up and recent chart hits like All Of Me by John Legend that will make you want to dance, sing and clap the night away.

Even if you think you’re safe from having to participate and can hide, Muddles, the court jester will do his very best to make sure you don’t get away with it that easily. Old jokes will have you laughing and groaning however hard you try to be all grown-up and mature.

Every little detail is practically perfect. Set, costumes and choreography glitter and fit together seamlessly, allowing Nurse Nellie to undergo more than ten hilarious costume changes and Queen Ivannah to go from elegant dress to evening gown in sparkling succession.

There’s Christmas spirit abroad in the glitter-filled atmosphere

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pantomime without a few ‘accidental’ coordination issues between cast and band performers and mocking of the props. However, it really adds something to the way that this whole production is put together. This isn’t naturalism – it’s pantomime, so everybody rolls their eyes and thinks: here we go again.

Prepare to spend an amazing few hours seeing something that you will not regret, especially with Christmas spirit abroad in the glitter-filled atmosphere. This is certainly one of the best Fairfield pantomimes produced for quite some time.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs continues at the Ashcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls until Sunday 4th January 2015. Tickets cost between £17 – £30 and can be booked here or by calling 020 8688 9291.

Danielle Lowe

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