Review: BRGR & BEER at Matthew’s Yard

By - Tuesday 21st April, 2015

Lauren Furey saw the burger that they had made and she saw that it was good

The perfect BRGR.
Photo by BRGR & BEER, used with permission.

Have you ever had food so good that it makes you speak in obscenities? I can’t reprint the words that spilled from my very full mouth but believe me when I say they would make a vicar blush.

That’s the dining experience you can expect when you visit BRGR & BEER, the downright dirty addition to Croydon’s beloved Matthew’s Yard.

BRGR & BEER is the brainchild of Adam, Dan and Tom. They mean business and their business is burgers (and beer); you know, without a shadow of a doubt, what you’re getting. Orders began reeling in at 5:00pm on Friday 17th April and the smell of fresh cooked meat began streaming from the kitchen. The menu is brilliantly uncomplicated: burgers with all the trimmings – add bacon, cheese, beer braised onions, coleslaw, you name it. Plus, each burger comes with a side of fresh fries.

It’s a firm belief of mine that when a restaurant retains a small focus on their output, like burgers or burritos (*sob* Mexway), they put a lot of love and affection into it. I’ve eaten at a lot of burger restaurants and I find that there’s always something that niggles at me a little bit with the beef – too dry, too chewy, overcooked, not enough flavour etc. – but BRGR & BEER’s patties are cooked to perfection. They’re just a little pink, absolutely no gristle to speak of and deliciously succulent.

Coleslaw – a cool lubricant on a plate of hot carbs

Not to mention that this is all expertly combined with tomato, lettuce, pickle, ketchup and mustard. Including the standard burger accessories may not seem like a genius play but the difference here is that the amounts are perfect. There’s no need to fret that most of your burger will end up back on the plate, having spilled from the sides with every bite. It just holds together so that you get to enjoy all the flavours.

The fries are fresh. That, for me, is a winner and makes a huge difference to the flavour. They’re both fluffy and crispy and you’re invited to try them with cajun seasoning or rosemary. Since I was dining with the other half, we decided to opt for both options and share them. An excellent choice.

Now onto the coleslaw. I do love coleslaw – a cool lubricant on a plate of hot carbs – but BRGR & BEER serve theirs with a twist. A subtle combo of vinegar, mayo and tabasco sauce makes for a brilliantly tangy and tasty side that is to die for. I scooped some into my burger and it was a game changer. I’m salivating just typing this.

Do you like burgers? Then tell your friends

The beer stock is primarily London imports – Croydon’s Clarence & Fredericks, By The Horns from Tooting and Kernel from Bermondsey, to name but a few. The selection is serious and you’ll be encouraged to try a bottle of something new. I don’t need to explain how perfectly that beer goes with a delicious burger, so I’ll leave it to you to decide which bottle is your favourite.

There’s really only one question you need to ask yourself – do you like beer and burgers? I feel pretty confident in saying that BRGR & BEER’s cheeseburger is, by far, the best I’ve ever had and it’s just one of a few options from their delicious menu. This place deserves every success, so I encourage you to go and try it for yourself. Then tell your friends and have them come down for a meal. It really is that good and I hope that it establishes itself as one of Croydon’s quality eateries.

One thing is for certain: I’ll need to exercise my gym membership more often because I can see myself making BRGR & BEER a regular visit.

Lauren Furey

Lauren Furey

I was born in Croydon in 1988 and I've spent my life here, building friendships and experiences that have shaped me as a person. As a Croydon native, I have a big passion for local events, arts, history and culture... and the dearly departed Mexway. I now work as a freelance writer.

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  • Anne Giles

    I don’t like beer and can’t eat burgers, but could possibly have the filling on a plate without the bread.

  • Adrian Winchester

    Sounds good

    • Saif Bonar

      Hi Adrian, the burgers which all come with fries start at about £7. Beers from £3.50 – £4.50. Soft drinks @ £1.50. :)

      • Adrian Winchester

        Thanks, Saif – I’ll try one at Friday’s ’90s Movie Marathon’!

      • Sunjay Bhogal

        Good quality Burger with fries and soft drink for under £10 is cheap. I should pop over sometimes as I only live around the corner. Things are looking up here at Croydon .