Restaurant review: Rodizio Preto

By - Friday 2nd May, 2014

Anne Giles tries an overwhelming selection of Brazilian meats that just keeps coming

38-40 High Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1YB
Time from East Croydon  7 minutes

The bar area. Photo author’s own

We decided to try this one out, as it is situated quite close to the Grants Vue cinema and is an ideal place to have a meal after watching a good film. Another thing which attracted me to it is the fact that it is Brazilian. I am Anglo-Argentine and anything South American is of interest to me. Some of the food is similar to what I am used to – lots and lots of meat! Buenos Aires has restaurants down by the River Plate which serve meat on skewers continually brought round to your table. Rodizio Preto does exactly the same.

We went on Mother’s Day, which meant that the restaurant was very full. However, we did manage to get a table, although service was a little slow. They offer a fixed price all you can eat main course, where one can help oneself to their traditional Brazilian dishes or choose the full Rodizio grill. We opted for the latter. Each guest is given a two-sided disk to control the pace of their meal. The green side signals the passador (the waiter who passes by with the meat) to bring out skewers of sizzling meats to carve at the table. The red side indicates the stopping point, and then one can show the green side again when one wants more meat.

The passadors started coming round with beef, lamb, chicken, chorizo, pork, etc and they came round again and again

Before the meat is brought out, one goes to the buffet to select hot and/or cold vegetables, although the hot ones were merely warm, in fact. However, the selection was quite varied. Once we sat down again the passadors started coming round with beef, lamb, chicken, chorizo, pork, etc and they came round again and again. It was quite difficult not to overeat! We did get to the stage when it was necessary to turn our green cards over to red. Here the service was good. It failed when it was time for our desserts.

We chose the crème caramel three times before they remembered to bring it to us and eventually the manager came over and apologised. He explained that the staff had found it difficult to cope with the volume of people on that day and he then ordered free espressos for us and later brought us each a glass of their wonderful Brazilian liqueur. The total bill, including a glass of red wine each, came to £68.64. What did rather surprise us was that there was a 10% cover charge, which is something we are not used to, so we left a smaller tip than usual.

I would go again, if only for the wonderful supply of meat, though I must say I don’t think this would be a good place for vegetarians!

Meat on skewers. Photo author’s own.

Anne Giles

Anne Giles

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the daughter of an Anglo-Argentine mother and English father. I went to an English school and worked for a British company out there before coming to live in the U.K. I spent many years teaching Spanish in adult education in various centres in Croydon Borough and have got to know so many different areas – North and South. We have been living in Selsdon since 1989 and I love it. I feel passionately about Croydon and have spent many years writing blogs – firstly for the Croydon Advertiser, then the Croydon Guardian, and eventually my own blog entitled “The Good Life in Croydon”. I am very much involved in the community, attending regular meetings with the Croydon Community Police Consultative Group and am also a member of the British Transport Police PACT (Police & Community Together) Team.

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