South Norwood and Thornton Heath Free Film Festival

By - Monday 6th October, 2014

The organisers of the South Norwood and Thornton Heath Film Festival want to bring something different to local film fans, as Marek Slodkowski explains

South Norwood and Thornton Heath Free Film Festival logo. Image by SNATH, used with permission

Do you love film? People really love films, don’t they? Films can entertain us, they can make us cry, make us think differently or just make us laugh. It’s something you can do on your own, and something you can share with your friends. Like popcorn.

Film festivals are a great way to see not just a few of your favourite movies, but also something different. At the South Norwood and Thornton Heath (SNATH) Free Film Festival, you can do exactly that.

Starting on Saturday 25th October with a documentary on reggae legend and Thornton Heath local, Desmond Dekker, followed by a Tarantino double bill of Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, stretching through half term week with music and a romance/comedy matinee showing of Casablanca and The Lady Killers, then a short film workshop for the kids, sing-along Dirty Dancing and breathlessly finishing on Hallowe’en with a fright fest including Frankenweenie and An American Werewolf in London, the SNATH Free Film Festival is bringing together people from the local community to celebrate the area and those who live there.

This is a bit of culture and guilty pleasure – and it’s free

So – how did our free film festival come about? Well, a group of dedicated film fans volunteered their free time to bring a bit of culture (and guilty pleasures) to their home borough. The free film festivals have run annually for the past few years in neighbouring boroughs including Southwark, Westminster and Lewisham, and had a positive impact on community activities by bringing people together to enjoy a great movie and more, for free. Yes, FREE!

With venues including Stanley Halls, Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club and Scratchley Halls, the films and events have been picked to cover a range of genres for both children and grown ups. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it before because it’s always better on the big screen, isn’t it? John Travolta and Uma Thurman strutting their stuff in Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant; “I’ve never missed that dart board” from the bloke who did the voiceover for the Tetley Tea adverts. And then there’s Patrick Swayze. Dancing. And being cool… Nobody puts Patrick in a tight black vest. Oh. Wait. Yes they did.

In Thornton Heath, no one can hear you scream

Whether you want to dress up, have a sing-song, get your face painted, listen to some piano or local rap acts or even howl at the moon, the South Norwood and Thornton Heath Free Film Festival, in its very first year, has a little bit of something for everyone. No one can hear you scream in Thornton Heath.

For more information on the events, or if you would like to help, go to our website, follow us on Twitter @SNATHfilm or like us on Facebook.

Marek Slodkowski

Marek Slodkowski

Marek Słodkowski, a recent arrival in Thornton Heath, is a writer and author of cult fiction under the name of KS Silkwood. His first novel, King of the Jungle, was published last year to polite and shy acclaim, sandwiched between two published short stories, King of the Slags, and Daddy’s Little Secret. You can follow him on Twitter @KSSilkwood.

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  • Anne Giles

    What a lovely idea!

  • Adrian Winchester

    I never feel guilty about experiencing the sort of pleasures mentioned!
    Anyway, I’m glad TH and SN have not split up because I keep hearing people mentioning either the THFFF or the SNFFF!