Surrey Street treats: Healthy new year

By - Tuesday 6th January, 2015

Jess Bashford looks to Surrey Street market for a deliciously healthy new year resolution

The decadence of December has been and gone, and we’re all feeling the need for a health-kick to get over the festive season’s indulgences. So I’ve gone back to Surrey Street market to find some healthy inspiration. I’ve come up with a smoothie recipe packed full of fruit to see you through those wintry mornings. And it’s probably my easiest recipe yet.

From Surrey Street market: 2 bananas and 11 strawberries (or about one punnet).

From the kitchen: 150ml skimmed milk, 5tbsp low fat natural yoghurt, 3 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp honey.


1) Peel your bananas and take the leaves off your strawberries.

2) Then quickly chop them both up a bit.

3) Chuck all your ingredients together and whizz them up. (Just use a blender, or do what I do and stick them in a big bowl and use a hand blender.)

4) Now have a quick taste. Check that you don’t want to add anything and that you like the texture. (I blend mine until it’s smooth, thick and not too sweet.)

5) All that’s left is to drink your Surrey Street treat.

You could try whipping up a batch and keeping it in the fridge. Then all you’ll have to do is pour it out in the morning. I think it’s a quick, tasty way to feel like you’re making a healthy switch. Happy (and healthy) new year!

Jess Bashford

Jess Bashford

Jess Bashford is a writer at a brand language consultancy and an English literature and creative writing graduate. She’s passionate about showing that Croydon is a great place to live and excited to delve into Croydon’s cultural side. She loves all things wordy and foody.

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    Sounds delicious!