Surrey Street treats : autumnal plum crumble

By - Tuesday 21st October, 2014

Jess Bashford welcomes the season of warming puddings with a delicious crumble using plums from Surrey Street market

After a weirdly warm start, autumn’s definitely here. So for the latest in my recipe series I’ve whipped up a sweet Surrey Street treat: a pud that’s perfect for after a Sunday roast and a crumble that’s a lovely way to use some of the plums from Croydon’s historic fruit and vegetable market.

Autumnal plum crumble: ingredients: 

From Surrey Street market:

6 plums.

From the kitchen: half tbsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp granulated sugar, drop of vanilla extract, 2 tbsp water, 225g plain flour, 100g butter, 45g caster sugar, (5g of golden sugar if you like), a big handful of oats.


As golden brown as you like – crumble with topping in place.
Photo author’s own.

1) Chop up your plums and take the stones out, then pop them in an oven-proof dish.

2) Sprinkle your cinnamon, granulated sugar, vanilla extract and water over the plums. Mix all of it over the plums with your hands so you know it’s coating every piece.

3) Now move on to your crumble topping. Pop everything else, except for the oats, into a bowl. Rub it all through your fingers until it comes together and looks like it’s almost breadcrumbs. (But I don’t make mine so it’s completely smooth – I like it a bit uneven.)

4) Add as many oats as you like to the mix and stir it through.

5) Pop your crumble mix on top of the plums so it’s covering all of them. But don’t pack it in too much so it’s smooth all over the top. Make sure it’s a little rough – you want some bits to go browner on the top.

6) Stick it in the oven at 180 degrees and leave it for 45 minutes to an hour (or just until it’s golden enough for you.)

7) All that’s left is to eat your Surrey Street treat.

So when you’re wandering through the market and tucking your face further and further into your scarf, why not pick up some plums and indulge in a seasonal crumble?

Jess Bashford

Jess Bashford

Jess Bashford is a writer at a brand language consultancy and an English literature and creative writing graduate. She’s passionate about showing that Croydon is a great place to live and excited to delve into Croydon’s cultural side. She loves all things wordy and foody.

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