Surrey Street Treats: speedy spicy soup

By - Wednesday 20th January, 2016

Christmas is over and it’s healthy January. Let’s keep eating simple and enjoyable, says Jess Bashford

Christmas is over for another year and all of us will have over-indulged a bit. So, to help everyone to keep their new year healthy eating resolutions, I’ve borrowed a healthy recipe from my mum: a speedy soup that uses Surrey Street market’s chillies. (Now the weather’s turned properly wintry, it’ll give you a warming hit of heat too.)

Speedy spicy soup

Ingredients from the market:

2 chillies (but really it’s down to how spicy you want your soup).

Ingredients from the kitchen:

A splash of oil, 2 sticks of celery, 1 onion, 2 ½ tsp cumin, 400g tin of chopped tomatoes, pinch of sugar, 400g tin of chickpeas, 600ml stock (it’s up to you which type you use), lemon juice from half a lemon, 2 tbsp chopped parsley.


1) Finely chop your onion, celery and chillies. It’s up to you whether you take the chillies’ seeds out, leave a few in, or (if you’re feeling brave) leave them all in. (I take most of them out, but I’m not too particular about it so I don’t mind if a few strays stay put.)

2) Fry the vegetables in a big pan with a bit of oil. They don’t need to brown – just to soften.

3) Once everything’s soft, sprinkle in your cumin and keep frying for around a minute.

4) After that throw in your tomatoes, sugar, chickpeas and stock.

5) Give it all a stir and let it simmer for five minutes or so.

6) Then you just need to finish it off with your lemon juice and chopped parsley.

7) All that’s left is for you to eat your healthy, speedy and spicy Surrey Street treat.

Jess Bashford

Jess Bashford

Jess Bashford is a writer at a brand language consultancy and an English literature and creative writing graduate. She’s passionate about showing that Croydon is a great place to live and excited to delve into Croydon’s cultural side. She loves all things wordy and foody.

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