If you’re in debt, this new Croydon-based campaign could help

By - Tuesday 4th September, 2018

The TWiCE campaign arrives in Croydon on Friday 21st September

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Open a newspaper or check online and you’ll probably see stories about these familiar topics: the rising cost of living, people struggling to make ends meet, families in tens of thousands of pounds of debt. These are common stories, probably affecting someone you know who is experiencing financial stress. That’s why the TWiCE Campaign launches in Croydon on 21st September.

TWiCE is a community outreach programme whose mission is to give everyday people in Croydon a fair shot at financial freedom. The reality is that people might be struggling with their money for many reasons, and they may not have all of the tools that they need to get back on financial track. TWiCE aims to instil healthy financial habits, turn Croydon from a debt capital to a savings capital, and reduce indebtedness in the borough by £200 million by 2023.

Unscrupulous lending practices have resulted in companies providing access to loans and credit cards with high interest payments to ordinary people already in fragile financial situations. People take on debts that they seemingly will never be able to pay back, or only pay off the interest at best. It’s time to empower people to learn the ins and outs of their finances and reduce the influence of financial advisers.

If you’re struggling with your finances, you might not want to seek outside help because you’re embarrassed

At the same time, TWiCE wants to remove the taboo and stigma around personal finance. People who struggle with their finances don’t tend to seek outside help, often because of embarrassment or shame. Through our workshops in the Croydon borough we want to create a safe and open environment to continue the conversation around personal finance, and start helping people to support those around them.

It’s not a case of ‘these easy steps’, but a big part of it comes down to knowing how money works and how to better make money work for you. When people are more financially literate they are able to make more informed decisions that will be beneficial in the long term. After its launch in September TWiCE will provide free meetings and workshops in Croydon to help residents to learn about how their money works and empower them to make smarter choices for themselves.

We will show the people of Croydon how they can be financially empowered

TWiCE believes that ‘this will change everything’, and that change starts with the campaign launch on Friday 21st September at Project B. On the night there will be a room filled with Croydon’s main decision-makers and influencers looking to make positive change in the community. At the launch we will showcase how we plan to empower the people of Croydon.

We believe that no matter who you are or what your current circumstances may be, everyone deserves a fair shot at financial success. If you are interested in seeing how TWiCE will start making a difference in Croydon, check out our website and register your interest in what we do.

Twice Campaign

Twice Campaign

TWiCE is a community outreach program whose mission is to give everyday people in Croydon a fair shot at financial freedom. We aim to do this by providing free educational opportunities both in the community and online, so that people can become more financially literate.

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