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By - Thursday 12th July, 2018

Come and meet other working mums at this Croydon group

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The Mum Hub is a local group for working mums. Our mission is to support and connect working mums in Croydon and East Surrey. It’s for mums looking after kids full time and wanting to transition back to the work world; mums working for a company, or themselves, or returning to work after maternity leave. It provides opportunities to connect with others to help develop your career in a friendly environment.

The Mum Hub was set up by me, Shay, a full-time working mum of two boys. I found there were limited local resources that supported working mothers who were either working for themselves or a company. Tight on time and working five days a week made it hard to find local events or connect with other mums who wanted to have a career alongside being a mum. The Mum Hub was set up to fill the gap.

On the Mum Hub’s website and social media you’ll see posts about business, career and wellbeing to help you manage the juggling act! Posts range from book and podcast recommendations, to interviews with local mums sharing how they juggle working and parenting, and local places that you can visit with your small ones. We share local business events on our Facebook page which can help you to upskill.

It’s hard to know how to find great events for kids

We live in an area where there are great events put on for our kids, but it’s hard to know where they are. On our Facebook page we find local events and activities for you and your little ones that can fit around your working week. It gives you a curated guide on what there is to do in Croydon and East Surrey.

The Mum Hub is more than an online portal. We host meet-ups and, in the future, workshops for mums to connect and upskill. Any money from ticket sales goes to cover the cost of the event, with no profit made. So far, we’ve hosted two evening events at Boxpark in Croydon. Not only is it a fantastic venue but it gave everyone the opportunity for people to connect and talk about their businesses and career aspirations over great food in a friendly environment.

Our events focus on mums meeting each other and not on their kids. Most of our events are in the evening or tailored so that mums can connect with each other in an environment where their children are safe.

Our next event is for mums on maternity leave or have children who aren’t crawling or walking

The Mum Hub’s next event is on Tuesday 17th July at the at The Ludoquist, a board game café in central Croydon. It’s specifically for mums who are on maternity leave or have children that aren’t crawling and walking. Come and meet other mums and do something different apart from talking about sleep schedules and what’s happening in your baby’s nappy. Tickets are £11.07 and include pizza, a drink, a gaming session and the booking fee, with no profit being made.

The Mum Hub is a new group and is continually growing. If there is an event, information you’d like to see or help out at the group, please let us know. Get in touch on our Facebook page!

Shay Mukherjee

Shay Mukherjee

Shay Mukherjee is founder of The Mum Hub, a local group supporting working mums in Croydon and East Surrey. The Mum Hub's mission is to provide opportunities for local mums to connect, and boost their careers and skills in a friendly atmosphere. When not hosting events or working on The Mum Hub, Shay is a full-time data consultant and mum to two boys.

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