Trade Fair to demonstrate Young Enterprise participants’ skills

By - Wednesday 11th December, 2013

Looking for that special gift this Christmas? Your answer may come from Croydon’s younger business brains

Photo by South London Star. Used under Creative Commons.

Two busy shows on North End in Croydon, and one more to go before Christmas. Products made, presented, and sold by the dozen. From candles, to hats, and from soaps to cards, the young achievers have created and sell a range of products at each fair. They still have a lot of work to do before their experience is over, and will have to present their journey and their learning before the academic year comes to an end.

The scheme in Croydon has been supported this year by a number of key local and international businesses, including Allianz, Croydon Conference Centre, MetroBank, Matthews Yard, CBV, CVA, South London Business, and many others, along with a plethora of skilled and willing volunteer advisers. These advisers have given many hours already to the development of this year’s Croydon Young Enterprise companies, giving advice, sharing experiences, and guiding each business towards hopeful success.

Croydon Young Enterprise is always looking for more great advisors to support the scheme and volunteer their time. The upcoming trade fair in North End this Saturday (14th December) will run from 10am till 4pm. If you are interested in getting involved, there will be a number of members from the Young Enterprise Croydon board present to talk to!

Many finish the year with significant pointers, that both help for the near and the more distant future

This scheme always makes people shine who hadn’t before, as it takes young people outside the safe learning experience of a classroom and gives them a fast paced but real journey through product and brand development, marketing, sales, and business management. Many finish the year with significant pointers, that both help for the near and the more distant future.

There will be more opportunities and more time for the companies to expand their product ranges, to experiment with new marketing methods, and to innovate… we will report back in the new year with the next update from Young Enterprise Croydon, and the journey that these young people are going through.

We look forward to seeing you at the next trade fair!

Louis Downs

Louis Downs

Louis is currently Vice Chair of Young Enterprise Croydon, part of Young Enterprise, (a Charity focused on delivering "learning by doing" to young people). The Croydon board of volunteers, and a number of advisors, supports and delivers the Company Programme to Young people in the borough of Croydon. Louis has been involved in this organisation for almost a decade, and as a local business owner has pride in the potential that Croydon has to offer.

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