Croydon’s autism champion wants your input

By - Wednesday 1st October, 2014

Andrew Rendle, Croydon’s Champion for Autism, wants to make Croydon’s ASD services better. If you have experiences to share,

Andrew Rendle, Croydon’s Champion for Autism.
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It was an honour for me to be made the Deputy Cabinet Member for People and Communities after I was elected to the council in May. The role covers (among over things) health and adult social care. I was also delighted to be made Croydon’s Champion for Autism – obviously, these two roles dovetail a great deal.

From the moment I decided to stand in Ashburton, I have wanted to be our borough’s champion for autism. I am the father of a four-year-old who’s been diagnosed with ASD and have another child on the waiting list to be diagnosed. Understandably, it’s a subject I have immersed myself in. With the support of the council’s new administration, I want to make Croydon a flagship borough in helping those on the spectrum and their carers.

I want to find out more from people who, like me, live with autism day in, day out

I’ve had numerous meeting with charities, educators, NHS professionals, council staff and front line service providers. Many of these meetings have been so I can see best practice in action, but I have also been looking for the gaps in services. I am on my own fact-finding exercise, and when complete, I hope to host an autism forum. Here, we will be able to discuss issues and draw up plans to move forward.

I also have ideas for events and services that can make ASD provisions in Croydon the envy of other boroughs – but I want to find out more from people who, like me, live with autism day in, day out.

I am therefore asking for anyone with a diagnosis of ASD – as well as parents and carers – to get in touch and let me know where Croydon has got it right, and where Croydon has got it wrong. Autism is a spectrum, and I want to hear from all points on the scale, and from all ages. I want to know about the services they use, where they think the gaps are, and how they think things can be made even better.

I can be emailed at  or you can write to me c/o Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX.

Andrew Rendle

Andrew Rendle

Andrew is a councillor for Ashburton ward. He is also very proud to be Croydon's Autism Champion. He is a member of the Labour Party.

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