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By - Tuesday 17th September, 2013

This World Peace Day, the Citizen will be tweeting your messages throughout the day. Send us your message of peace before the 21st September and we’ll share it with our community

Croydon’s messages of peace

Why Peace Day matters – by Aishah Mehmood

World Peace Day finds a place on our calendars every year on the 21st of September. The message of the day is simple: It’s a day of ceasefire and non-violence and attempts to raise awareness of peace. This is what makes the message of the day universal. Violence exists in many different forms, from domestic abuse and bullying in schools to war and conflict. Therefore, peace day also allows us to focus on the issues that affect us, in our lives and within our communities.

Last year, I established The Croydon Peace Tree in response to the Croydon riots. Violence was the cause of people’s homes being burnt to the ground as well as many businesses being ransacked and looted. The riots further tarnished the image of Croydon and projected a negative stereotype of the town and its citizens. Croydon is still trying to work through its after-effects. There are still many issues affecting Croydon and that remain to be dealt with. However, let us focus on something positive. Croydon is home to many people who care about the community and hope for something better for the future of its town and its citizens. I believe Peace Day can support this message too. It encourages citizens to come together to take away any negative stereotypes. Peace Day can be celebrated in a number of ways. It could be something simple as baking a cake with friends, or having a charity fundraiser within schools or within community groups. The list is endless, for the same goal, which is to raise awareness of something people hardly talk about: peace.

Last year, the Croydon Peace Tree encouraged people within Croydon to send in their peace message on Peace Day. The aim was for something hopeful and positive. This year that message will be shared with whole community of Croydon through the Citizen, on this very page.

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  • Bobby

    Wow, what a great message to us all. Regardless of where we come from, race, or religious backround, we should all be inspired to slow down long enough, and through positive words of encouragment and actions, come together as humanity to move in the direction (however small the steps) of long lasting peace.

  • Mizz C

    Though I am not a citizen of Croydon myself, I certainly appreciate the article. It speaks on a topic which is of concern to the whole of humanity. Peace is something every individual longs for, but Mehmood’s message encourages us to do more than simply desire it, this positively provokes us to take steps towards achieving it, together!

  • Anne Giles

    This is why peace is so important. Here is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard, by John Tams. “Will I See Thee More”. He is going off to fight. Will he ever return?


    As last year, I will be outside East Croydon train station from 9 – 11am with white poppies from the Peace Pledge Union. These are offered for a donation, with funds going to PPU to support the cause and to purchase more white poppies for next year.