December’s submissions for “I would make Croydon better by…”

By - Wednesday 10th December, 2014

How could Croydon be improved? We want your suggestions today! Email us at

A few months ago, we launched a campaign to get your suggestions to make Croydon a better place. Why? From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing concrete, achievable solutions to the town’s problems. Now we want to do more and involve readers on a larger scale than ever.

These are three of the ideas that you, the readers, came up with last month:

London Living Wage

The LLW is now £9.15 an hour. It is independently calculated to be the minimum you need to live on in London. It rewards a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay and is good for workers, good for business, and good for Croydon. The council has pledged to pay the LLW, now we need businesses too.

James Asfa

Advertise ethnic food stores

I would make Croydon better by simultaneously building on the street improvement work in West Croydon and encouraging the variety of different ethnic food stores there by publicising on street boards the various products available. Maybe with recipes suggesting how to cook foods that we are not familiar with?

Kate Richards

Free resuable nappies

I would make Croydon better by ensuring that every family/parent with a new baby was given half a dozen, free washable nappies of their choice. These nappies are wonderful, colourful, economical, healthy ways to work towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle as well as reducing the huge volume of non-biodegradable waste going to landfill sites or incineration in or near our homes. No boiling involved!

Grace Onions

Think you can do better?

Tell us your specific, concrete idea in no more than 100 words and we’ll aim to feature it in our next print edition. It doesn’t have to be something that you can do – just something specific that’s achievable for someone. Ambition is great, but it must be achievable and well defined.

Whatever your idea, we want to hear it.

Send submissions to

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