Fast-tracked at Croydon University Hospital: what happened next?

By - Friday 22nd April, 2016

Many of us have heard negative things about Croydon University Hospital. Amaraghosha Carter had a different experience

Having experienced some worrying medical symptoms over a few days, I called my GP in Friends Road, Croydon. I received a call back within an hour and when I explained my symptoms, he asked me to attend surgery that afternoon as an emergency appointment. He undertook some initial tests and told me that he had concerns: he was therefore going to refer me to Croydon University Hospital on the two-week fast-track appointment scheme.

Within three days I was at CUH having blood tests. Despite there being thirty or more people already waiting for tests when I arrived at 8:30am, there were plenty of medical staff present and I was seen within half an hour.

This was humanity at its best

A couple of days later I received appointment details for the outpatients’ clinic where, following more tests, I was booked in for an exploratory procedure and CT scan. I was generally seen within thirty minutes or so of all my appointment times and despite the exploratory procedures being unpleasant, kindness and consideration were constant companions at every one I had.

I don’t need to state here what a worrying time this was for me and for my family. It really helped that throughout all of these appointments, the care and professionalism that I personally received, and witnessed being shown to others, was second to none. It was a humbling experience seeing staff working, sometimes in far from ideal circumstances and conditions, still showing care and consideration for all of their patients. I saw humanity at its best.

So for all those talking negatively about Croydon, and especially about CUH and the NHS in Croydon, I hope that this serves as a positive story. I received the all clear following all of my tests and felt enormous relief, but I’d already gained something good along the way.

Amaraghosha Carter

Amaraghosha Carter

Ordained Buddhist, IT professional working for emergency services, father of two girls, vegan, sometime runner and Croydonian of twenty years

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