An invitation to contribute to the Croydon Conservative manifesto

By - Wednesday 19th April, 2017

All are welcome to shape the future of Croydon, one idea at a time

Image by Croydon Conservatives, used with permission.

Next year we get to vote for how Croydon, our town, is run – and who it is run by. Whatever your political preference, whether you vote regularly for one party or none, this simple choice has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. It’s a choice only offered once every four years, so it’s up to us to make the best one possible for our town.

On 23rd May 2014, in the early hours of the morning, this choice was last made and the power over Croydon Council switched hands from Conservatives to Labour. Since this time, Labour have been the majority group in the Council Chamber, with 40 councillors to the Conservatives’ 30. One or two events have turned some councillors into independent members at times, but Labour’s majority has never been in doubt, giving them the complete authority to take the decisions which make or break our town.

Next May Croydon goes back to the polls. What will be the result? With Corbyn dividing both Labour voters and politicians, the strength of the party to defend Croydon’s council seats seems tenuous at best. All the while Theresa May’s popularity continues to grow, and with it the popularity of the Conservative Party. Could the Conservatives take back Croydon Council next May?

We want to represent you as well as we can but to do this we need to hear from you directly

There are many articles on the Croydon Citizen bemoaning the two-party system, with many residents not being happy with either Labour or the Conservatives. Whichever party takes the majority share of councillors, their decisions will impact on your family, your home and your local area. You can sit on the sidelines, or you can be a part of the policy-making process which could define what at least one of the parties could do to our town over the next four years. Who wouldn’t want to have a say in how Croydon is run?

Now is the time in the local political cycle to input your ideas, and the Conservatives want to listen. We want to represent you as well as we can but to do this we need to hear from you directly so that we can shape our policies for a better Croydon based on what you need from your town.

On the afternoon of Saturday 22nd April, the Croydon Conservatives will be holding a public meeting to hear from as many people as possible. It’s an opportunity for anyone to come and pitch their manifesto ideas to the party who could be running Croydon Council in just over a year.

Your ideas will be responded to on the day, and are guaranteed to be considered

What are your priorities for Croydon? How would you make our town a better place to live and work in? What would you do to shape the future of Croydon?

The event will be led by the leader of Croydon Conservatives, Tim Pollard, accompanied by our Conservative councilors, our GLA member, Steve O’Connell, and MPs Gavin Barwell and Chris Philp. You’ll be able to hash out the details of your ideas in small group discussions with other residents and share your finessed proposal with the next Leader of Croydon Council. Your ideas will be responded to on the day, and are guaranteed to be considered for the Croydon Conservative manifesto for 2018.

Manifestos are not only the guiding document for voters, but they’re also a crucial tool for the formulation of policy and to hold our local politicians to account – if you help to write the content you will hold a level of influence never before seen in Croydon’s politics.

Amy Pollard

Amy Pollard

Life long Croydon resident - and proud! Art and Design graduate, working in education, Conservative supporter, passionate about caring for our town.

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