Labour wins Croydon council elections

By - Friday 23rd May, 2014

The votes might not all be counted yet, but there is only one feasible outcome now from yesterday’s election

Croydon Labour, led by Tony Newman (above) has won the 2014 council elections for the borough.

While the count is still going on as of 8am, local Conservatives conceded hours ago that there was no longer a realistic way for them to maintain control of Katharine Street. While an official concession has not been forthcoming, the counts going on in the wards of Waddon and Ashburton, when combined with the extremely high likelihood of Labour’s ‘safe wards’ remaining safe, mean that Labour is likely to win a number of councillors well over the 35 required for a majority.

The whole story of last night’s lengthy and protracted count can be read at the Citizen‘s liveblog, here.

Tom Black

Tom Black

Tom is the Citizen's General Manager, and spent his whole life in Croydon until moving to Balham in 2017. He also writes plays that are occasionally performed and books that are occasionally enjoyed. He's been a Labour Party member since 2007, and in his spare time runs an online publishing house for alternate history books, Sea Lion Press. He is fluent in Danish, but speaks no useful languages. Views personal, not representative of editorial policy.

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  • David Callam

    Congratulations to Tony Newman and his team.
    He needs to deliver for all of Croydon and that will start by getting out of his comfort zone in the north of the borough and showing the people in the south that he cares about them too.
    Tory leader Mike Fisher says it was Ukip that robbed his party of victory; if you assume that all the Ukip votes came directly from the Conservatives then the figures add up.
    In reality, I suspect the answer is more complicated, but it would be foolish of Mr Newman to think the right will always split its vote. If he wants to secure the borough for his party at the next council election in four years time he needs to start winning hearts and minds right now.

    • Stephen Giles

      No doubt the actions of this Labour Council will fall under the closest of scrutiny from local “master scrutineers” and it will surely be brought to task over actions considered to be “unacceptable”.
      It’s very interesting to note the complete absence of complaints regarding fly tipping in the North of Croydon since the local election!!!!!!!!! Now I wonder why that is?????

      • David Callam

        Stephen: I understand you’re a sore Tory loser, but give the rest of us a chance please.
        The much delayed result of the election wasn’t made known until well after sunrise on Friday morning.
        We’ve had less than 24 hours of a Labour administration.
        Tony Newman has promised a long-overdue clean up, particularly in the north of the borough, and I’m sure there are plenty of people, not least the contributors to The Citizen, who will rightly be critical if he fails to keep that promise quickly.

        • Stephen Giles

          Am I? Thank you for letting me know. Frankly, I await continued bitching and dirty tricks campaign!!!!! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

          • David Callam

            Dirty tricks. By whom, about what, specifically?

          • Stephen Giles

            Sorry, too busy having fun to argue with you.

          • David Callam

            Possibly to you Stephen; you’ll need to spell it out for the rest of us, please.

          • Stephen Giles

            How sure are we that UKIP voters were not paid?

          • David Callam

            Oh dear, what a pair of Tory losers taking out their bad temper on others. You lost the election because the voters didn’t think you did a good job – the filthy state of some roads in the borough is but one example

          • Stephen Giles

            We are not in a bad temper at all, we have had a lovely afternoon out at the Addiscombe Carnival, chatting to people we know and naturally wishing the best of luck to Labour people at their stall.

          • Anne Giles

            You are David Callam. You are not “the rest of us”. You are singular, not plural.

          • Stephen Giles

            You could start by reading you own posts, then tour those made by the usual suspects in the North of Croydon and Shirley!!!!!
            As I previously stated, there have been NO fly tipping whinges since Thursday, which I think speaks volumes for the culprits!!!!!

          • Anthony Miller

            I thought you had your own biased news service – the Croydon Garotte?

  • Sean Creighton

    Yes congratulations. Changing the economic, political and social direction of Croydon away from the obsession with property development to the needs to the majority of residents will be an uphill struggle given the continuing cuts all Councils are expected to make over the next 3 years. In order to help it become more open and transparent as promised the new Labour controlling group will need lots of constructive critical support and encouragement to avoid it being sucked by the officer machine into slipping into Town Hall politics as usual.

    The first step should be a meeting at which the Chief Officers are told them that they are expected to support the implementation of the new set of aims and priorities and the manifesto pledges, to operate with more openness, to ensure more effective delivery and monitoring of contracts, and to protect Croydon residents vulnerable through poverty, poor housing, health and other social and economic inequalities.

    They should also be told to bring the first Cabinet meeting:

    a list of all decisions Labour opposed in opposition with a view to their possible rescindment and replacement by decisions taking a different path. e.g. permission as CCURV partner to building on Queen’s Gardens; the repudiation of the former Council Leader’s promise to spend £1m on a new access road for the Cane Hill development; the details of the budget changes Labour outlined in its amendment to the Tory budget for 2014-15 with a view to implementing them

    a timetable for the first Committee cycle consideration of all policy and implementation changes required

    a report on all contracts with property companies and consultants with a view to reviewing how to end the tight network of overlapping interests between the Council and property developers
    a list of all Council appointments to outside bodies to choose new representatives and to set out a new brief for those representatives
    a review of Councillor allowances with a view to a significant reduction

    Major elements towards achieving this change should include:

    Establishment of ward, area and neighbourhood committees of Councillors and residents and business representatives to encourage more participation in the decision making process

    Altering the current welfare reform strategy of the Council away from the emphasis on

    changing behaviour and dicktat control to mitigating the effects of benefit cuts and increasing opportunities to solve the resultant problems.

    A tougher regime against private sector landlords who have poor management and
    repair record.

    A larger new building and house purchase programme.

    A promise not to sell off any of the Council’s cultural assets and donated

    A condition on future tendering that all bidders must wave commercial
    confidentiality so all information is publicly available.

    The establishment of a partnership with organisations on cultural and heritage
    strategy, and re-vitalisation of the Clocktower as a cultural and learning

    An aggressive approach to identifying and taking action to bring empty housing
    back into use.

    Encouragement of the formation of Friends of Parks and Open Spaces.

    Re-formulation of the Scrutiny process to ensure that proper enquiries are undertaken with
    organisations and individuals invited to submit their analyses and views.

    Return to Warehouse Theatre the Section 106 monies the Council steered towards itself in agreement with the developer as part of the strategy to close the Theatre.

    Require developers to provide a higher proportion of affordable social housing.
    Develop an alternative diverse economic strategy that is not dependent on property and retail developers.

    Oppose more mega-storey buildings.

    Stop using its powers to assist the land assembly for academy and free schools and
    other developers.

    Stop the eviction of tenants in arrears caused by the adverse effects of the bedroom
    tax and stop housing homeless families outside London or parts of London far
    from school, work and family networks.

  • Anthony Miller

    So will we finally find out what the Luxury HQ cost?