Launching ‘I would make Croydon better by: The Collected Ideas’

By - Monday 13th February, 2017

More than 50 ideas, 30 guests – and one pocket-sized book about making Croydon a better place

Photo by Rob Wilson Jr at Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

The next stage of ‘I would make Croydon better by’ was unveiled in December last year. The submitted ideas were to be collated, published in book form, and then presented to various influential individuals and organisations in Croydon. We are very pleased to announce that on 26th January 2017, in the Museum of Croydon, we did just that.

We were privileged to welcome the Mayor of Croydon, Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, to the event, and to hear a few words from the Leader of Croydon Council, Tony Newman, on how the council already plans to implement some of the proposals, thanks to Chief Executive Jo Negrini, who was also in attendance. More than 30 guests in total spanned the public, private, and charitable sectors in our borough, and speeches from Citizen Editor-in-Chief James Naylor and Andy Dickinson – the man whose initial proposal for ‘50 ways to love your borough’ sparked the project, and the man who suggested an urban mushroom farm and promptly got on and did it – brought everyone up to speed on exactly how we had reached this point.

Photo by Rob Wilson Jr at Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

There was something final about the gathering together of the ideas and their presentation in book form. But this was not the conclusion of the ‘I would make Croydon better by’ project – far from it. We will report back on the project’s continued lifespan as the ideas now go on to be implemented. Some are already underway, as we were excited to learn from representatives of Croydon Council. Other organisations represented at the event informed us of their favourite proposals and what they would do to get the ball rolling.

Photo by Rob Wilson Jr at Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

We want your help too. You can download a PDF of the whole book here, and we ask anybody with an interest in carrying out a proposed idea to get in touch with us at . We plan regular updates on the ideas’ progress, and would love to feature as many as possible of these from readers.

Special thanks must go to Rob Shakespeare and the team at the Museum of Croydon for hosting us in such a fantastic space, and further gratitude goes to everyone at Croydon Council who helped us to organise the event.

Now, let’s make Croydon better.

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