Local elections 2018: what does each party stand for?

By - Wednesday 2nd May, 2018

If you’re still not sure who to vote for, here’s a breakdown on what each of the major parties is campaigning for

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Plenty of people are in the running for this week’s local election on 3rd May – 267, to be exact.

And according to Croydon Council, over 270,900 voters are currently registered to vote for the candidates contesting the twenty-eight council wards.

The website says that Labour and the Conservatives have candidates standing for all seventy seats, the Greens standing in sixty-four, and the Liberal Democrats in forty-six. Additionally, UKIP will field eight candidates, the BNP three, Unity in Action two, Duma Polska one, and there will be three independent candidates. A full list of all of the candidates and their party affiliations can be found here.

With so many names on the ballot paper, it can be hard to decide who to vote for. Here’s a quick look at some of the promises that the major parties are making in their 2018 manifestos, with links to all complete manifestos, too.


According to the Croydon Labour Party manifesto, the party is making five main pledges, including keeping streets cleaner and safer, working with the local NHS to ‘protect front-line services and improve public health’, tackling rising crime, supporting young people with jobs, skills and training, and ‘protecting front-line council services by bringing libraries back in to public ownership’.

The manifesto can be found here.


The party says that it’ll ‘bring back regular public meetings’. It also says that it will ‘install air-quality monitoring stations, make an investment in electric-car charging points, and freeze on-street parking permit charges’.

Other topics in the manifesto include construction in Croydon, public safety, local jobs, caring for the vulnerable, listening to constituents, leisure activities, keeping Croydon clean and finances.

The manifesto can be found here.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats’ manifesto focuses on housing and planning, leisure, civic services and local businesses, environment, waste, transport, social care, safe neighbourhoods, and public health, Europe, education and young people, openness, transparency and sound financial management in Croydon.

The party says that it would ‘work to improve facilities in the borough for pedestrians and cyclists, work with neighbouring councils to coordinate waste services through a Local Waste Solution, and aim to double the number of local businesses hiring apprentices of all ages’.

The manifesto can be found here.

Green Party

The Green Party says that it will ‘make it safer to cycle in Croydon, push for an increase in affordable properties, aim to bring public services under public control, make sure that all council contracts only go to businesses that pay the London Living Wage, and make Croydon the happiest borough in London’.

The full list of promises can be found here.


UKIP’s manifesto includes topics such as democracy, economy and enterprise, environment, planning and housing, public health and social care, putting veterans first, education, and transportation and roads.

The party says that it ‘would introduce a committee-based system of local government, end open-door immigration, reduce tax and business costs, improve road maintenance, create more grammar schools and technical skills colleges, and stop hospital parking charges’.

The manifesto can be found here.

No BNP, Unity in Action or Duma Polska manifestos were available in time for publication.

Holly Bernstein

Holly Bernstein

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