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By - Thursday 16th July, 2015

How could Croydon be improved? We want your suggestions today! Email us at editors@thecroydoncitizen.com


Last year we launched a campaign to get your suggestions to make Croydon a better place. Why? From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing concrete, achievable solutions to the town’s problems. We want to involve readers on a larger scale than ever and give everyone the chance to think outside the box and put forward new ideas.

These are three of the ideas that you, the readers, came up with during June 2015:

Install a fountain

Let’s install a fountain in Croydon town centre. Fountains cool the air around them, which is ideal for scorching summer days, introduce soothing ambient sound to what’s often a noisy area and make their environment more beautiful all year round.

Elaine Garrod.

Guide visitors through the town with painted lines from East Croydon station

Why not follow the example of some other parts of London and help those visiting venues such as the Fairfield Halls, the Spread Eagle Theatre or even the restaurant quarter with colourful painted lines on the pavements for them to follow? Signage from the station to these destinations is still poor and there’s no longer a visitor centre to give directions. The area is well lit and if bright colours are used this idea could still work in the evenings or on darker winter days. It would help make Croydon more welcoming to its visitors.

Romain Willis

Outdoor cinema in Exchange Square

The recent successes of pop-up outdoor cinema, such at the Flower Fairies Festival in Park Hill Park, shows how popular this could be for adults and children alike – and Exchange Square is the perfect venue. This initiative would also drive footfall into an area which despite hosting occasional events is still struggling to put itself on the map. Food for film-goers could be provided by the brilliant BRGR & BEER at Matthews Yard.

Marcia Henry Morgan

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  • Keith

    The one thing that most depresses me about Croydon is the lack of holistic architectural design. Croydon is the death of design with almost all “communist style” buildings. Rather easily fixed by hiring a planning permission approval officer with some sort of vision. Think of the nicer places in the world; Paris, London, Oxford, Miami, NY and you can automatically associate a style to them. Think of Croydon and the most positive image to appear is the tram network