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By - Thursday 28th January, 2016

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In 2014 we launched a campaign to get your suggestions to make Croydon a better place, and it’s still going strong. From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing concrete, achievable solutions to the town’s problems and we are delighted that so many have responded so positively. We want to involve readers in thinking about the future and give everyone the chance to think outside the box and put forward new ideas.

Change East Croydon station to stop people running for trains 

I suggest re-engineering the ramps at East Croydon station to stop people running for trains. I read in November 2015′s Citizen an interview with London Trams’ Customer Services Manager Andrew Chillingworth in which he mentioned how successfully his company has carried out work to improve safety at stations; this demonstrates that with the introduction of barriers or chicanes, travellers on foot can be slowed down and made more conscious of their environment. People running fast down slippery ramps are a danger to themselves and others.

Steve Thompson

Employ a town crier

“I didn’t know this was going on”, is still something that’s heard too often in Croydon. It’s certainly hard to reach everyone, but town criers would be an effective way to announce forthcoming events and spread information. One example of a lovely but under-attended event is the Tuesday lunchtime concert series at Fairfield Halls; I’m sure many more people would come to these concerts if they were aware of them and a crier on duty is definitely worth trying.

Josephine Ambrose

Upgrade bus travel information at East Croydon station

Since East Croydon station is the gateway to the town centre and a major intersect point for trains, buses and trams, it has always surprised me that the bus stops there do not carry real-time information about the arrival of buses. These are widespread across the borough and are invaluable to travellers. Their installation at East Croydon would make Croydon’s gateway more welcoming and informative.

Liz Sheppard-Jones

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  • Serena Alam

    @Editor Liz – I heartily agree with the logic, in your suggestion about bus travel information. Was really pleased when I saw the large electronic screen showing bus timings, at E. Croydon bus stn.

    However, it stopped working pretty soon after being installed, causing confusion for a lot of passengers (including myself! at first),… because nobody knew that it wasn’t showing the correct timings/information.

    Also, I’ve noticed a lot of these Q-R codes (see pic attached) at busstops around South Croydon… however these are *probably* mainly only useful to teenagers, or adults that know the basics of how to use a Smartphone (IMO).

    What do other readers of the Croydon Citizen think about Liz and my thoughts on this aspect of Croydon life?