What matters to you in your community?

By - Wednesday 25th June, 2014

Welcome to the the newly-launched community section. Raj Sandhu wants your opinions and ideas to fill it with

You may have noticed a few changes at the Citizen in recent weeks, that’s if you’re an avid follower. After going into print we’ve continued to bring more people onto the team. Now we’ve been able to expand and assign some section editors. We’ve combined the community section in with politics because they are so closely linked, with Tom Black as Politics Editor.

It’s been fantastic working with the editorial team and being a content editor, helping to craft articles and build relationships with our contributors who bring us so much quality content. Now, as we expand, I’m really excited to introduce myself as the Community Editor of the Citizen.

Community, what is it really? And what would a section about it include? Those were the questions I had to ask myself when I took on the role. It is hard to define as it can have such a personal and intimate meaning for each individual, whether it’s a group of people living in the same area, or across the world sharing ideas and beliefs.

Community isn’t just about the circles we socialise in, but also the challenges we face

Croydon is often called a community, but it is far from cohesive and unified. I want to find stories from every part of the borough to explore the layers of groups that we have thriving here, from Thornton Heath, Selsdon, central Croydon and of course my very own New Addington – where the word community is thrown around a lot. But do people still feel that way? What about those who have only recently moved in? These are the types of articles I would love to see explored in this section.

I’d also like to see much broader topics being debated and discussed. What issues affect your lives that you believe need a platform to be discussed? What are your views on housing, transport, education, the young or the elderly? This is a very broad section which can incorporate so many aspects of daily life. Community isn’t just about the circles we socialise in, but also the challenges we face.

I really want to hear all of your ideas, so please get in touch with me at rajdeep.sandhu@thecroydoncitizen.com.


Rajdeep Sandhu has been a lifelong resident in New Addington, apart from when she studied journalism in central London. Now she works in book publishing and when she isn't working, can be found reading, writing or tweeting. Most of all she is excited about how New Addington will benefit from the changes in Croydon.

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