A three-course meal fit for an MP at FoodCycle Norwood Junction

By - Wednesday 9th May, 2018

If you want tasty food and decent conversation, FoodCycle could be for you

Photo by Siobhán Judd, used with permission.

FoodCycle Norwood Junction was delighted to welcome Sarah Jones MP to dinner on Friday 27th April. Oasis Ashburton Park launched this project in March 2018 in partnership with FoodCycle UK.

FoodCycle is a charity hosting thirty-seven projects across the UK, with the aim of providing great three-course meals for the local community using surplus food and the help of volunteers. The project in Norwood Junction is open to everyone, whether you are looking for a good meal or simply want to come along for a chat. FoodCycle’s mission is to unite the community through healthy, tasty food and great conversation.

Sarah Jones was keen to do her fair share of the veg prep

Sarah Jones, elected as MP for Croydon Central in 2017, has lived in the area her whole life and is proud to be able to represent her local community. During her visit, she was keen to get involved, doing her fair share of the veg prep! The menu being prepared on Friday was the typically exciting mix that cooking with surplus food provides: an avocado caprese salad to start, potato curry for the main course, and delicious cinnamon and banana muffins with plum compote for dessert.

FoodCycle Norwood Junction would love to invite more guests to eat with them every Friday at 7pm, and more volunteers to join with cooking or hosting, so that the charity can continue running this project. FoodCycle is based at Oasis Academy Ryelands and you can get in touch here.

James Taylor

James Taylor

James has been living in Addington Village for fourteen years. In 2017, he set up The Berry, an organisation with two core projects: the first being a community gardening service (already in motion), and the second to acquire and refurbish the old Woodside station building.

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