#Croydon #TechCity: Tech Specialist – David Wilson

By - Saturday 2nd February, 2013

Nearly a decade ago, David started working for a small HR consultancy firm based in Brisbane, Australia, which decided it wanted to invest in technology. Last year that same firm, which David now oversees manages the EMEA operations, was bought for nearly four billion dollars by SAP, one of the world’s largest technology companies with over 60,000 employees. Outside of his roles, where David keeps close to the data warehousing roots, David works on multiple smaller scale tech projects, building websites, online products and just coding for fun.

Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias (@nigeld27) is the co-founder of Croydon Tech City (@croydontechcity) and Managing Director of 3n Strategy (www.3nstrategy.com).

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