#Croydon #TechCity: Tech Specialist – Paul Barnett

By - Friday 1st February, 2013

A literal child of business (he was earning over £3,000 per year from washing cars at the age of 12), Paul has spent a lifetime building internationally operating tech businesses, turning over millions of pounds in the process. Combining a rare talent for business, great technical ability and the experience of taking his products from a bedroom to a large office in Purley with 13 staff and hundreds of servers, Paul really is the epitome of a tech entrepreneur.

Please check out his core (and internationally operating) businesses, www.icukhosting.co.uk and www.cix.co.uk, or maybe his Spanish startup www.simpletelecoms.es.

Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias (@nigeld27) is the co-founder of Croydon Tech City (@croydontechcity) and Managing Director of 3n Strategy (www.3nstrategy.com).

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