The Citizen is closing down: an FAQ on what happens now

By - Wednesday 26th September, 2018

James Naylor presents a brief FAQ on the next steps for the shutdown of the Citizen

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On Tuesday 18th September 2018 we officially announced the end of the Croydon Citizen, both online and in print. You can read about the story of the closure and what led us to this point in my farewell article.

But what’s next? The following FAQ aims to tackle some of your questions.

After the last print edition, will you continue to publish on the web only?

We will not publish any new content on the website. We have now stopped accepting submissions. The last article will be published on Friday 28th September. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to continue running this part of the operation either.

What will happen to the website?

The content will remain up and accessible in its current location. Eventually, we will look to submit the entire site to a web archive service. We will try to preserve URLs/redirects where we can so that no linking into Citizen pages will break. We have decided that the priority is to preserve the content itself for posterity, in the hands of an organisation with adequate backups. This will be the last activity that we complete as part of the process of shutting down, so this will not take place for a while.

What will happen to the Citizen’s own print archive?

Our archive of print editions, going back to the very first edition of the paper, will be donated to the local studies library / Museum of Croydon. We will look to donate additional copies to other archives such as the British Library. We are currently exploring these options.

What happens to Citizen Newspapers Ltd?

Citizen Newspapers Ltd, the not-for-profit social enterprise company that published the Croydon Citizen, will be dissolved and removed from the Companies House register. Remaining money (if any) after all accounts are settled will be distributed to charity, in accordance with our articles of association.

Will I still be able to contact the Citizen?

Our address will continue working for the purpose of all business relating to the shutdown of the newspaper, until the final closure of the website. Several individual team members accounts have already been deactivated, so you shouldn’t necessarily expect a response from these addresses. The Citizen team will not be able receive any post or phone calls from the end of September.

Are there any final farewell events planned?

Several people, especially supporters, have expressed an interest in a face-to-face goodbye event, as have members of the team. This is something that we’re currently considering, but due to shutting-down business it will not take place imminently. If we do organise this, we will publicise it by email, social media and our Meetup group.

It has been an absolute pleasure to publish your stories over the years. Thank you so much again for all of your support.

James Naylor

James Naylor

James grew up in Coulsdon. After a brief spell in Somerset he returned to central Croydon as a useful London base. Since then however, his enthusiasm for Croydon has slowly grown into obsession – leading him to set up Croydon Tours and eventually the Croydon Citizen. James is particularly interested in the power of local media to foster new ways of thinking about communities and how to empower them. He is most interested in putting Croydon in a wider context within London, the economy and across time. During the week, he works for an advertising technology company hailing from Silicon Valley. When he’s not working on Croydon-related projects, he enjoys desperately nerdy but hugely enjoyable boardgames. Views personal, not representative of editorial policy.

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