Citizen Livetweet: Croydon Citizens Accountability Assembly, Croydon College

By - Tuesday 29th April, 2014

Tomorrow night, Croydon Citizens (no relation) will provide an opportunity for Croydonians to question their leaders. Tom Black will provide live updates on Twitter

Croydon Citizens (part of London Citizens, and not affiliated with this publication) will this week hold Mike Fisher and Tony Newman accountable. The Conservative leader of the council, Mike Fisher, and Tony Newman, leader of the Labour opposition, will meet with the organisation, which is made up of volunteers, charity workers, activists from the faith, education and civic sectors. Croydon Citizens has spent a year listening to the public to determine the issues that affect them the most. On Wednesday, they will present their findings to the local party leaders, and find out what they are prepared to do about them.

The event takes place from 7pm on Wednesday, at Croydon College. The Citizen‘s Tom Black will be there, providing blow-by-blow coverage on Twitter of the issues raised, questions asked and answers received.

You can follow our coverage on Twitter or right here on the Citizen itself from 7pm on Wednesday:

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