Citizen Livetweet: Gavin Barwell’s public meeting on crime

By - Wednesday 10th July, 2013

On Thursday, Tom Black will put his thumbs to good use for the last time until September

Gavin Barwell, Conservative MP for Croydon Central, is holding another of his public meetings this Thursday at Croydon Town Hall. The topic for discussion this time will be crime. The Croydon Citizen’s Tom Black will once again be present, providing live updates on our Twitter account.

As with his earlier public meetings, Barwell will deliver a presentation and then take questions from those in attendance. As usual, our tweets will not provide too much detail on the presentation, as this will be available for download. However, Tom will endeavour to provide as much information as possible on the questions being asked, Barwell’s responses and the reaction of the room.

If you’re unable to attend and would like to ask a question, why not contact us on Twitter or by email with a question you’d like Tom to ask Gavin Barwell? This way of expanding the outreach of these meetings has been successful in the past and Tom is happy to continue it on behalf of anyone with something to say.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm and should finish at 9:30pm. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Incidentally, the Citizen is always interested in livetweeting more public events, particularly consultations. While we keep our ears open for such things it’s inevitable that we won’t hear about everything. If you know of an event by a local organisation or elected official that you think ought to be livetweeted, contact the Citizen today.

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  • Anne Giles

    We shall be there.

  • Sean Creighton

    I was unable to go so I emailed Tom with a lot of questions.