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By - Friday 31st May, 2013

Croydon’s decision makers will be open to your questions at a public panel on Monday

Council leader Mike Fisher and police Superintendent Rob Atkin will be among those facing public questions this Monday evening at The St Mildred’s Centre, St Mildred’s Church, 30 Bingham Road, Croydon. Unable to attend? Worry not – The Croydon Citizen‘s Tom Black will be there, providing blow-by-blow coverage of the questions answered and issues raised. If you have a question you’d like to ask but can’t do so in person, get in touch with The Citizen either via or Twitter. Tom will endeavour to ask as many questions on behalf of our readers as he can.

Got something you’d like to ask Mike Fisher directly? Bieneosa Ebite of Croydon Radio is conducting an interview with the council leader on Sunday, the day before Croydon Question Time. Croydon Radio are asking Croydonians to record questions either by phone or by Skype – these will be put to Mike Fisher live on air on Sunday as part of Croydon Calling. More details here.

On Monday, Croydon Question Time will provide an opportunity to directly engage with those in power in Croydon. If you have something to ask about the way Croydon is being run, it’s the perfect place to do it. You can follow our coverage on Twitter or right here on the Citizen itself from 7pm on Monday:

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